Hi everyone, I am a newby on here and hoping for some support and advice. I started my weight loss journey only early February and have lost 4lbs so far. I have had to contend with Valentine's, Mother's Day, husbands birthday etc, but can honestly say I have weighed my food, counted calories, write everything down, don't eat fatty or sugary foods, don't drink fizzy drinks and alcohol only on special occasions and then only a glass or two(all counted in my daily allowance). I walk to work 3 times a week, stand on my feet there, walk socially all the other days, today for 90 minutes. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis last year and have two collapsed vertebrae in my spine, I also have asthma, neither of which stop me walking. I used to swim 3 times a week for a solid hour, but stopped last summer when I fell and damaged my spine, now I'm scared to do it! Has anyone any advice as to how I might shed more weight, it seems to be one step forward then two steps back at moment. I lose a pound then the following week put it back with and extra half pound  or more. I retire in November and worry I will get progressively larger, and at 5' 1' it worries me. I weigh 10st 3lbs and have a BMI of over 27 :(


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  • Hi Bingbong10429,

    Welcome to the forum.  I'd like to give you a link to our Welcome Newbie post, which Moreless (a lovely forum member has put together):

    I'd recommend having a look at the NHS 12 week plan, incase you've not yet seen it.  There is a link to it in that Welcome Newbie thread, and also via the icon in the top middle of the screen (entitled Weight Loss NHS).

    Maybe have a read through and see if the plan might suit you.  

    We have a weekly weigh-in session on Mondays and we will be having the next one on Easter Monday, so please feel free to join us, if that appeals.

    Wishing you success with your goals.  I know you have some spinal damage, so please do seek advice from your health professional/GP/physio to ensure you're following advice which will be tailored to your individual health needs, regarding exercise etc.  I think you're aware of what you can and can't cope with, but having their support would be invaluable, especially concerning your anxiety re: swimming.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well done for losing 4lb. How frustrating though when you try hard and results are slow it does make you want to give up so good for you for keeping at it. Well done for keeping up the exercise while you have health issues. You are losing weight on the positive but obviously quite slowly.  The only thing I can think of is to check that you are really only having the correct amount of calories for your weight/height (sure you are but it was just a thought).  Also have you tried maybe changing your eating habits a bit. For instance I have always had cereal for breakfast but am trying to have fruit and yoghurt to see if my body/metabolism will think differently as it has some different food to digest.  (probably kidding myself but worth a try!) Do look at the link that Lowcal sent you as there will be lots of information on there that may help too.  Good luck and hope you join the weigh in on Mondays.

  • Thank you it's good to have support. I'll try to access the Monday weigh in, as I always weigh myself then anyway. Fingers crossed and I intend being a saint over Easter! 

  • Hello bing bong

    I can feel your frustration! But if you look at the positives you are already doing so many things right, all you need to do is slightly tip your calorie deficit 😊 As others have suggested, perhaps keep a totally accurate food/calorie diary for a week or so then reduce the intake, just 100 calories a day may be all it takes. 

    I was in a very similar position, weight had crept up despite healthy eating, and exacerbated immobility issues, but I am slowly going in the right direction now 😊

    Good luck, you are on the right road 😊

  • Thank you for your support.  might change my milk from full to semi for my morning cereal, as I already only use skimmed in tea. I'll try to access the Monday morning weigh in and see how I do over the next 4 weeks. I'd love to lose an average of 1lb a week, fingers crossed!

  • At 5'1" and 10st 3lb you are barely out of healthy, only 10lb.  Carry on doing what you are doing and maybe just cut out a bit more carb for a couple of weeks :)   Good luck


  • Thank you for your help, although I do need to lose 2 stone to be midrange BMI. I have cut out carbs in the main, but do eat lean protein and LOTS of veg and fruit, all counted and weighed etc. Guess I'll have to be patient and see how my weight is in another 4 weeks.

  • I know its frustrating and you want to loose the weight but best to do it slowly anyway. Keep going as you never know you may lose more next week.

  • Just a thought, I am currently experimenting with resistant starch.  Maybe you need to add something like that, just once a day.  Now if you can eat green banana's you could achieve a good result and some gut help into the process ready for when you start maintaining.  Just have green bananas as your carb for a few days and see how it goes.  Look up resistant starch and see what you think?

  • Thank you, I've had some good tips already, I'll defo give this a try!

  • I found that I needed to cut down on my fruit consumption, while keeping a lot of veg in my diet.

  • Thanks Penel, I do eat an awful lot of fresh fruit as well as veg. I'll reassess my intake, perhaps this will help me move forward.

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