Good, Amazing and Bad


25th October 15

Clothes size 16/18 top and bottom

Weight. 10st 3 lb/. 65.2 kg

Bmi. 27.1

21st March 16

Top size 10/12

Pants 14

Weight 9st 2lb/ 58.5kg

Bmi 24.3


Went shopping to get some new tops to find I could get into a size 10/12, I was dancing around the changing room showing off to my hubby. The best feeling yet quite daunting you get used to wearing baggy big clothes then suddenly you can wear shorter/ tighter stuff.


After a good weekend stress from adult children, Sister telling me to stop the diet waste of money cause if I stayed the same would not waste money on gym, certain foods (little fat etc) and buying new clothes. Pushed the hubby Saturday making him come out with me so he is now tired and grumpy. So instead of hitting chocolate I had hit the fruit.

Sorry if this was long message.

Take care



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13 Replies

  • Hi Wendy,

    It was interesting to read your post, and you described a range of situations and also your reactions to those - I would like to say how impressed I am by your before and after stats, you've done so well - Congratulations! How great that you wore that new top, and that you felt good in it. That is brilliant! :-)

    Interesting to hear your sister's reaction to things, and I can imagine that might have hurt your feelings a bit, as you described it in the 'bad' section of your post. Sometimes we can end up comfort eating in such situations, but you've posted here, and you've eaten some fruit - both quite good reactions in the scale of things - at least I think so. I hope you do too! Like you say, in the past you would have reached for other things like lots of chocolate.

    I don't know what your relationship with your sister is like generally, but was her reaction a surprise to you, or is it something she might usually say? I hope that you don't let those comments put you off, as I think you're doing brilliantly. Maybe talk to her about how her comments made you feel. She might not realise how her words came across?

    Hopefully when you and your husband have a bit of a rest this evening, he will hopefully be less grumpy. Maybe ask him what is making him appear a bit grumpy - sometimes we can assume it's due to us, but it might actually be something entirely different, or he might not be feeling grumpy, but some other emotion.

    In anycase, I hope you enjoy the rest of the week, and enjoy wearing your new top - I bet you look great in it!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal,

    My husband is ill has osteophoris due to steriods ashama, osteo arthritis and bad ashama, days out can take it out on him especially Saturday. He will be fine in afew days.

    My Sister her reaction was well norm for her, she could turn the healthiest person into a someone who can barely move without medication. H husband is on a certain medication which states people can use it if epileptic etc so she convinced him he has it, due ti bad diet he is boarder tyoe 2 dietbetic that apparently is worse than type one. Her children sneeze and it a&e. We have a good relationship but I tend to tell her what she needs to know.

    Now to concentrate on legs, bum and tum.

    Thanks for all the support on here.


  • Hi Wendy,

    Sounds like you have a good perspective on things, and you know your sister very well...!

    Hope your hubby does feel better soon, and I wish you success with the Legs, Bums and Tum exercises.

    Talking of exercises, I am going to go and do my own exercises as I've pledged to do some myself, so I need to get them done. :-) I fear I am putting them off, and I know they do me good.

    Have a lovely evening Wendy and a great week. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Great post 😊 And Great weight loss 😊 Well done

  • Congratulations about the smaller tops and the healthy BMI - you have done very well and I suspect your sister is a tad jealous.

    Spending money on gym membership is never money wasted, it isn't all about looks and weight, either. Some gyms are great for social activities, our mental health is better for moving more, some exercise classes are good for mobility and flexibility, strengthening muscles can help protect the joints, especially as we get older.... I could go on... (hee-hee)

    Hubby will get over his tiredness and bingeing on fruit is no bad thing!

  • Well done you! And good on you for brushing off the negative comments! Enjoy the shopping :)

    Kate :)

  • Well done for hitting the fruit. I think I would have hit the fruit but it would have been fermented.

  • Well done be pleased with your achievement perhaps sister is slightly envious

  • Well done on your success!  I agree I think your sister may be envious.  Enjoy buying the lovely tiny tops and enjoy wearing them even more!!  You deserve it!

  • Sorry to hear that your family are not being very supportive. Good on you for not hitting the chocolate. How fantastic that you went shopping and got yourself some new clothes. I think that is a measure of how much weight you have lost rather than just numbers on the scales. Sounds like you are doing it for yourself and that is the best way to be I think.

  • Seeing all them numbers go down no matter weight/bmi or clothes size is the best feeling.  I have tried again and again to diet and even joined a gym twice to no success.  This time for some reason more determined.   

    Thanks for all the kind words and support


  • Hi Wendy, I'm a newby on here and your story is the first one I have read. First I'd like to say WELL DONE, you got through Christmas, New Year and no doubt other occasions personal to you and your family. I know from past experience the negative comments people can make, but equally there are others who will support you all the way. I started my own journey (again) only early February and have had to contend with Valentine's, hubbies birthday, Mother's Day etc. I Have lost a total of 4 lbs and it's soul destroying.  I count my calories, weigh the food, walk every day either to work or socially. I don't eat biscuits, sweets, cake etc. I don't drink fizzy drinks or alcohol, but the weight isn't shifting. I am nearly 63 years old and have osteoporosis and asthma, but it doesn't stop me going for my walks, 90 mins today! I wonder if you have any tips, there must be something else I can do?

  • Hi Bingbong,

    4lbs is not bad especially with all those special occassions.  Don't knock yourself every ounce lost is good.   

    You will have some bad days chocolate bing or real hungry days, just come on here write and comment and the support will be good, you will also be suprised how many people have gone through it.  Next day just go back to diet.  

    Don't deny yourself anything if you say you can't have it you want it more and will crave it.

    Depending on what type of phone you have I suggest downloading an app called 'myfitnesspal', measure each step, will work out every item you eat including micronutrients, sodium, fats, protein, carbs etc (if you download it send me a message and I will go through it). 

    Introduce yourself to the community and ask for advice you will get plenty.

    Try boiled spuds (baked and roast add cals), basmati white rice brown again cals, cut down sugar try lactose free milk.   

    Good luck 


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