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Week fine- and finally got my pedometers!

Good day to you peeps!

Let's remove the plaster quickly, shall we: last weeks loss: 0kg.

I felt a bit like crying this morning, but then I walked out the door and it was all sunny, so I quickly forgot about it. My biggest 2 achievements last week were:

I walked/hiked 10 kms on Saturday! If you read my previous post you know how much I was looking forward to this! I did so well, and could feel it in my muscles on Sunday! And what is more, we are going next Saturday again! I really think this will kick start my exercise regime for the summer.

I finally got my pedometers (turned out we had one at home), and it is a BRAINTEK ( not sure of the model at this stage). So the trial with it starts today! I am so excited.

So my motivation is on good level. I just have to commit to the calorie counting better! I still keep my good habits of not taking sugar in drinks, portioning breakfast and lunch. But last week dinner and snacking were definitely my week points so focusing on that big time this week!

Hopefully by the time I reach the 6th week I will actually do everything as I should have from week 1 :)

Peace out peeps, keep shrinking.

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Great post CurlyBayLeaf

Full of positivity and enjoyment of the new life you are leading 😊

Good luck with BRAINTRK



Hi CurlyBayLeaf,

How exciting that you've got your new gadget and I hope you have a great time using it! You've done brilliantly with your 10km walking and hiking on Saturday, and I'm not surprised your limbs ached after. Hope you're recovering from that. I know you didn't lose any weight, but you didn't gain any either, and sometimes I find that if I've done an extra long walk or hike, that the weight can increase for a while, and then suddenly drops down, so hopefully that will happen to you - keep positive and enjoy your week, and all being well you'll have a really good week.

Great positivity in your post, as Anna says.

Have a lovely week.

Lowcal :-)

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Thanks Lowcal! I shall keep smiling :)

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