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Goals and motivation!

This time it has to be different, this time has to be the last time.... I wasted far too many years being overweight, which makes me full of excuses of why I can't do stuff yet.... When I am slimmer... I will treat myself to a new lovely summer/autumn/winter/spring wardrobe... When I am fitter.... I'll go back to dancing classes... I will do all these things... when I feel better about myself.... when I have lost a stone or two..... Hmmmmm

When did it all change? My teenage years and 20's were fine, then a bit of weight crept on in my 30's. So it's my 40's that I've lost control especially the last 5 yrs until that point I had always kept within my ideal weight range even if it was at the heaviest end. Before then I'd eat well 3 balanced meals a day and only treats at weekends not really thinking about food until meal times and I would keep busy and active walking, dancing and in my 30's I would do a gym session at least twice a week.

Bad habits have crept in, biscuits with drinks... crisps in my lunch box.... binge eating chocolate and savoury snacks. The more time I have on my hands the worse I am. Eating in front of the telly in the evening has become the norm.

So what to do ? Sort my lift out ! Kick myself up the backside and get on with it! Right.... just need to plan how....

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Well, you're in the right place to achieve your goals O2BForeverfit .

Did you see the "pinned posts" on your left? You want to click on the one called "Welcome NEwbies". Everything is explained there.

Many of us here follow the NHS 12 week Weight Loss Plan, it's a good place to start if you want to have an idea of current recommendantions. I have followed it for the last 28 weeks and I have lost 3 stones and 1 pound. I have come from BMI 32 to 24.5 in 6 months and 1 week. If I can do it so can you. Hang in here!!

By the way well done for your newly found motivation. Way to go!!


You do it one step at a time, re learning good habits 😊 You have proved you can do it, focus on all the years you controlled your weight and have faith you can do so again 😊

Best wishes


Great post! Its so easy to put off changing the way we are but takes courage to say enough is enough and decide to make a change. So well done for taking the first step, good luck and I hope you find this forum a great help.


Wow this is everything I wanted to hear and more. You are absolutely right. How many times can we sit around and say " I'll do it when so and so happens", if we never get up and make it happen. We miss out on life everyday we do this. Really motivated to get out there and keep trying hard. I always feel embarrassed to do somethings because of my weight and never get to wear the things I truly want which keeps me living to the fullest. So you are definitely right! Time to change today not tomorrow!


Been there, done that - when I am slimmer/fitter, etc. as if it's nothing to do with us. Some horrible fairy made us stuff our faces and the good fairy will come along, wave her magic wand and all will be well. If only! The time has to come when we take responsibility for ourselves but I have always been a believer in getting your head in the right place and the rest will follow. Sounds as though you've faced up to it, which is the first step. I've been a yo-yo dieter for most of my life, going to slimming clubs, both in person and online, trying by myself, all the usual things, but I can honestly say that since joining the forum my motivation hasn't wavered. I don't calorie count as then I feel like I'm on a 'diet' but I fully appreciate this works really well for many people. I eat sensibly, watch the portion sizes and walk as much as possible. I'm retired and used to go to the gym but found my arthritis kept flaring up so was missing sessions and paying for the privilege. My doctor said walking was far better and since losing nearly a stone I haven't had a flare up for ages. If an OAP like me can do it I know you can. Good luck!


Hi O2bforeverfit,

A very inspiring post. Welcome to the forum! I'd like to give you 2 links - the first is to the NHS 12 week plan, as this is the Weight Loss NHS forum, and it is linked to the NHS Choices resources:


So definitely a good plan to consider, and many of us follow its principles.

Also, as Nussaybah mentioned, there are the Pinned posts, and particularly the Welcome Newbie post (which a lovely forum member called Moreless put together), and the link is here:


If you like the idea of a weekly weigh-in, then check out the Monday group weigh-in thread, which is in the Events section (right-hand-side of the homepage), and do join us if you like the sound of a weekly weigh-in in a supportive group. Very well attended and friendly.

Hope you have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

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Thank you everyone to your likes and reponses. I am truly inspired by this site already! I am already doing things differently asking myself do I need to do my usual bad habits and listening to my body as to whether I am hungry/full.

Good luck everyone I look forward to hearing from you all again and I will be watching the posts for that extra motivation alongside hopefully being able to help some of you in return.

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