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Hello from Cascais!

Hello from Cascais!

Hi every one!

My name is Dane-Patricia, I will turn 40 in two days( March 23). What's better than a good weight loose as my 40th birth day present?!

With every body's help and of course, my determination I intend to quickly reach my goal: that is to loose 6 Kgs by May 2016.

At this moment, I am weighting 66kgs and my height is 165cms.

See you very soon.

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Hi Dane-Patricia,

Welcome to the forum! Really nice that you've shared your photo, and exciting to hear that you have a special goal to work towards of your 40th Birthday.

I don't know if you like the idea of a group weigh-in, but Mondays are the day when we have our Monday group weigh-ins - and the Afternoon/Evening session is currently going on, and there are lots of people weighing in today. If you wanted to be part of our Monday weigh-ins, then you would be very welcome to join us.

I'm going to give you links to our Welcome Newbie post (which a lovely forum member called Moreless has put together) and also a link to the Afternoon/Evening session of the Monday group weigh-in:



No obligation to join that, because you might prefer to do your own thing and have your own weigh-in posts - and that's fine too. I just didn't want you not to be invited - as it is a very supportive group.

The forum community are very supportive and friendly, so hope you'll enjoy being here.

Good luck with your goals!

Lowcal :-)


Hi, Lowcal!

Thanks for your welcoming message and the detailed information we have given me. As soon I will have some extra time I will have a look at the different groups you have just mentioned.

Hopefully, we wil,l as members have a very good and pleasant journey all through our weight lose program.

See you.

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Nice photo Dane-Patricia and welcome to the forum. 6kgs to lose by May is achievable but you must follow the plan with no cheating :-) Go for it and start today!

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Hi, Mr. Kantara 71!

Thanks for welcoming me in the NHS group forum!

I have just received this week's plan and it's quite informative demanding: hopefully I will stick to it easily with no cheating

See you


You should be ok, just write down everything that you eat and count up the calories each day:-)

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