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First stone lost! Half way there :)

Rose-A1 stone

So when I first started this weight loss journey I was 10 stone 12, and I knew I'd never got that close to 11 stone before. For 5 foot 4 I was aware this was not a healthy weight (especially for my frame), and so decided to try once and for all to commit to a lifestyle change.

I am super happy to report that as of today I am 1 stone down! I feel great, have just been to the gym after having a wonderful smoked salmon and spinach wholewheat spaghetti dinner in celebration, and am generally really happy.

I also found the confidence to post about my weight loss on facebook, something that if anyone has read my previous posts about my family support will know is not an easy thing to admit to openly as far as my family is concerned - but I was really proud and wanted to shout about it!

Thank you all on here for really keeping my committed so far, and giving my an outlet when I feel cross with myself, or disappointed, or happy. Here's to the next 50%!

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I was a maintaining weight of your height, my lowest has been 10st 4, getting back down now 10st 7 1/4, reasonably happy, I don't think I'd want to go much lower than 10st 4.

So you weren't that big at 10st 12, just a bit overweight

Rose-A1 stone in reply to Diana

I'm aware I wasn't huge, but I was headed in the same direction as my mum, gran, and sister - which is why I'm trying to make a positive change before than happens


Whoop whoop well done you 😊😊😊

Rose-A1 stone in reply to IndigoBlue61

Thank you! It's really nice to have positive encouragement :D


Woohoo Rose-A! WTG you! :)

Well done you for losing a stone. I was creeping up to 12 stone and knew I had to do something before I crossed that number 12. Happy to report I am losing but am looking forward to the day I can say I have lost a stone. Glad you feel great and found the confidence to be proud of your achievement. :)

Great job at losing that first stone. I too have hit that achievement today. I started at 11st 13llb, I am 5' 5 &1/2" (1/2 important!) and that weight was the most I've been , even when pregnant! So 10st 13llb today 23llbs to go but with this 12week NHS weight loss plan nothing is forbidden, just counted, and I feel really healthy and not like I am dieting just being aware of what I eat and drink.

So congrats to you for making that healthy lifestyle change, it is never too soon to change and never too late also!

Rose-A1 stone in reply to suzymac

Congratulations to you too! Sounds like we're both heading in the right direction!

Well done...I have found myself at 11 stone 11 which has been a bit of a shock as I am under 5ft 3. Trying to loose is proving very difficult which has prompted me to try this plan. I will refer to this for help and support

suzymac in reply to greeny4

Hi greeny4,

You can do a lot worse than just check in to this forum. It reminds you that lots of us are trying to make the change and make the difference and there are lots of success stories too to remind you that it is possible and just keep going. If you have a 'bad' day just put it behind you and do better today.

My top tip for the first couple of weeks is to write down absolutely everything that you eat and drink, and weigh it. I was quite surprised by portion sizes that the calorie count is given for on some foods, and happily surprised on others so you can make the right choices to meet your calorie intake. Also that extra exercise gives you some added food bonuses in the week to keep you happy ( for me it's a glass or two of wine on Friday and Saturday) :) Others may have a slice of cake, whatever floats your boat, put in the work and reap the rewards.

greeny4 in reply to suzymac

Just wondering how you  found the counting calories. I have found it difficult and have  gone  completely off plan yesterday and today.  Not well and eating  rubbish.  Started well  but have let it all slip already.  However this is a pattern..few days good then let it all go!!

suzymac in reply to greeny4

Hi Greeny4, sorry to hear you are unwell. Comfort eating is something we turn to when we are feeling low. Are you ''eating rubbish'' because you are feeling low or because that is all you have? Take heart that you have been making the right choices and that you recognise that you are making 'bad choices' now. Once you have recognised that you have the choice to continue making 'bad choices' or realise that you have control. Try to think of the delicious healthy foods that you like to eat.

Treat yourself with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon or turkey rashers, poached eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Wholemeal pitta bread loaded with tuna and red onion coated in very light mayo is low calorie and delicious. Try to get rid of those easy to eat but calorie laden treats. Don't beat yourself up but realise you have the control in your power and you can keep up the good work that you have done so far without undoing it all. Try to get out and walk a little, listen to a book to keep it interesting, anything is better than nothing and you will realise that all is possible. I hope you feel better soon.


That's awesome news! Keep it going!

Thank you for your reply suzymac. I will take your advice and get back on track today. Eating badly is a result of not planning and old habits take over.  I really liked your meal suggestions, thank you for your encouragement and help. 

Well done😊

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