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Hey you guys, I am new to the community. After another daily binge I just decided to look inside my pathetic self and after 7 painful and miserable years of being obese I decided to finally do something about it. I'm 25 years old and i weigh almost 85 kg. I am going to start 12 weeks program (day 1 tomorrow), so if anyone is willing to keep up with me, you're invited. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me cause this time I CANNOT give up. My goal so far is 15 kg down, I will try to post thoughts and pictures of my progress, so please please send good vibes and if any motivational word crosses your mind post it here and it will be greatly appreciated. Much love, mamiyou x


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  • Welcome Mamiyou,

    You can do this! 15kgs in twelve weeks is achievable but it might take a bit longer. Reckon on average losing 2lbs a week?

    Hopefully you have prepared well by starting a food diary, clearing the cupboards out of any unhealthy snacks. As well as your weight measure yourself too. I take my chest, waist, hips, thighs, upper arms and calves as you will lose fat from all over and sometimes you notice inches lost when the weight does not move.

    Also plan your meals, especially if you are not at home for any of them. Weigh the portions of everything too, as this is a major cause for over eating, and keep to the recommended calories for your weight/size/age.

    It is your body so only you can make the changes needed to lose the weight you want to.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum, it is a great place and full of lovely people to help you on your way and keep you motivated :-) John

  • Hello mamiyou

    First of all, the number on the scales does not define who you are, you are absolutely NOT pathetic 😕

    Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your new healthy life. Everyone has their own way of doing things, but small steps are proven to be effective. My initial goal was 5% off in 8 weeks. I achieved it and felt fantastic, so much more energy 😊 That boosted me onto the next step and so on 😊

    try not to focus too much on the numbers but more on learning new habits for permanent change

    Good luck

    Lots of support on here

  • Hi well done for making the first step in deciding to make a change. I think when you struggle with your weight it is a lifestyle change that is needed not a 'diet'. This forum is great for help, advice and support. There seems to be always someone who will reply to your post. I second everything kantara71 says too.

  • Hi mamiyou, I'm also starting 12-week plan officially tomorrow, but have been practising it already for a few days. Good luck !

  • Hi and welcome mamiyou :)

    I was reading your post thinking, I wish I was 25 and 85kgs! It's all relevant, so don't be so down on yourself :)

    Have a look at our welcome newbie thread, as it's full of helpful hints and motivational stories.


    I would also highly recommend joining us for our group weigh-in tomorrow too. It will be posted by Lowcal, before 7am and the thread can be found in the events section to the right of the home page. It's a really friendly and encouraging thread and you would be made very welcome.

    There are several challenges running at the moment and, of course, we'd love you to join us in them too :)

    Looking forward to seeing more of you and tracking your progress :)

  • Guys you are amazing. I woke up fully motivated today but I didn't expext so many positive words for the start. I started the day off with a glass of warm lemon water, reading the breakfast recipes to kick start my new life. Thank you. I'm glad I found this community.

  • I hope you're going to join us in the weigh-in. Lowcal's having trouble putting the thread in the events section, so here's the link for you :)


  • I just had my breakfast though, but okay, I'll do!... *shiver of thrill*

  • Great start the lemon and hot water, kick starts your digestion 😊

    Good luck 😊

  • Well my dear, first thing first : YOU ARE NOT PATHETIC. I mean, you have decided to do something about it therefore you are smart, you have ambition and lots of get up and go.

    This 12 weeks will teach you a lot. You will eat healthier and feel much better. Do it slowly, one small goal at a time. Once you finish the 12 weeks keep on going for a few more months. Just to make sure any bad habits have gone. Don't punish yourself. Remember it took you years to gain weight so you can't expect to loose it in a Couple of weeks.

    Also why don't you try running? Check out the running program C25K. What it will do to you is that it will reorganise your bumps into the correct place. Your body will firm up and your confidence will return. Give it a go.

  • Thank you for encouraging words. I will definitely try running as soon as it gets a little warmer here, I expect pain and demotivation cause i've tried running few times before and each time i gave up after 30-60 seconds, but that's to overcome with practice. I have a dog now so I am going to walk a lot, and I'm killing a jumping rope at home since some time, my calves already are hard like a stone.

    I just had 400 calorie lunch as recommended in the plan, and that 400 calories if made of right foods is A LOT. I am stuffed right now but in a good way, strange feeling :)

    Seems like this 12 weeks will be a great journey to a better self.

  • You obviously are doing it the right way. I also did find that while sticking to my 1400 calories a day I was always full and sometimes Did not even reach my daily allowance. Yes it is amazing.

  • Well done for making tomorrow the day to start 'the rest of your life' but you can start making a difference today.

    Do not think of it as a battle to fail but of a new process and way of life, you cannot fail as there is no strict plan to follow, just take one day at a time making the right choices each day and reducing your calorie intake and increasing your daily exercise. Each day you can do this you will be heading to a new you. Read the posts, there are many out there doing the same thing and changing for the better and for the future. You are not punishing yourself but rewarding yourself with a new healthier you.

    Good luck and stay positive, everything is possible :)

  • Hi Mamiyou. Please don't call yourself pathetic . You are being very hard on yourself. Welcome to the site. Your in good hands everyone can support you. You should be on day 2 or even 3 of your diet now so I hope it is going well and the NHS 12 week plan is a good place to start. Keep us up to date with your progress. Good luck!

  • Thank you very much, it's day 3 and doing very well so far, i've done 105 squats with weights in 4 series yesterday evening and i'm more proud of myself than I ever been. A bit sore today, but a nice massage will do it.

    Food is delicious, I don't feel like binging at all, and I can hardly even reach 1,400 a day cause it's simply too much when made of right foods. Had a pizza-like thing for dinner yesterday with broccoli crust, tomatoes, turkey ham and cottage cheese.

    I feel good and motivated.

    Last night I had a dream that I was drinking vodka and eating pringles. I woke up thinking "so i failed again", but when i came back to my senses i was like "ha, not this time, devil!" :D Proud, yes, I'm very proud of myself.

    Once again thank you all for support. It really means a lot! :)

  • Hi. You must view yourself more positively. I know it was just a dream but vodka and Pringles is just a minor hiccup. I have stoped many diets after a "minor hiccup", declaring myself as a failure. We just need to accept that we humans don't come in perfect and remind ourselves how well we are doing and carry on. I allow myself a little cheat on occasions when happy events crop up without feeling I have failed at all. You can do this ☺

  • I don't treat it as such, to me it was more like a win over my poor willpower. But come on, that was just a dream. I laughed at it as soon as I woke up. :)

  • Welcome. You have made the first step. I too binge and joined here last night to help myself too. Don't be so hard on yourself, there is a reason you binge. You can do this. There is a beautiful person inside. Good luck :)

  • Thank you and good vibes flying to you too!

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