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Advice regarding scales


Hi all,

I'm getting frustrated with the scales, because they just don't seem accurate.

I weighed myself today, no change. okay, that's fine. I moved the scales across the room (bathroom with hard tiled floor), I've put on 4lbs! Now I move them back, slightly lighter than yesterday. These are Salter electronic scales.

So, dig out the old manual (Salter) ones with the dial (I've not used these in ages), I'm half a stone lighter than yesterday - arrgghh!!!

I can get a trend from them, but I really don't know what I actually weigh.

Does anyone know of any scales that are actually accurate?



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I had this issue, so I only weigh in same place on same scales 😊(On hard bathroom floor) I did 'gain' about 3kg when I first used them compared to my old scales 😕

Recently checked against doctors scales and mine are bang on, same model as yours.

I know it's hard but advice suggests the 'numbers' are only part of the story, fitness and inches also important, as well as creating good permanent eating habits.

Good luck!

There is this. I have a rather aged Tanita body composition monitor. It is generally very accurate unless its battery is getting low. I am hoping that is what is happening today :(

Son1Maintainer in reply to TheHud

Thanks for the link, will have a look now :-)


Is it the surface rather than the scales? If so, invest in a hardwood board to stand them on, in the same floor space each time.

Don't let a single weigh-in upset you; it's the trend over a period of time that counts, and even then your health is most important, not the numbers on a scale. Do what you can to improve your health, and hopefully the weight will adjust to what is best for you given your circumstances.


Thanks all, not too bothered about the not losing weight so long as I'm not gaining - although like everyone else I'd just like the numbers to be a bit lower :-) I'm enjoying eating more healthy food too, and actually got a nice comment this morning about my skin, which is probably because of more fruit and veg and less junk.

It would just be nice to know how much I actually weigh, just because I'm interested and it's frustrating that I just don't really know.

The floor in our bathroom is marble tiles, so I know the floor is not the issue....

O2BForeverfit2020 March

Yep weighing on scales that are always kept at the same place and weighing in on same day and time is the only way to know for sure.

Just a thought using an outfit that fits you well as guide as to whether you've gained or lost, one of my slim & fit friends says she never weighs herself just goes by how well her clothes fit.

If you're not worried about losing weight maybe shift your focus on your fitness and toning up then use your measurement to record the changes and monthly photo diary also would work well too. You can look almost size smaller just by toning up with exercise. Good luck hope this helps.

Son1Maintainer in reply to O2BForeverfit


Thanks for the response, there are plenty of clothes that I'd be happy to fit into again :-) I have a really cool t-shirt, but that's still waiting, maybe I need to try and it see how it goes.....

I don't mind that I didn't lose weight from yesterday morning til today, but ultimately I do want to lose weight. It's just that the scales are frustrating me because I don't really know what I weigh.

My problem is, I would like to be in the middle of my ideal weight bracket, and i'm aiming for 9 stone. I have IBD so I would like to have a stone either side and remain within my ideal weight range incase I get ill again and either lose a load of weight, or get put on steriods.

This is why it's important to me that I know my actual weight and not just the trend.

Thanks for the tips, some food for thought there :-)


Thanks for the reply.

As you suggest, I weigh myself at the same time, in the same spot, hard floor etc.

I have two sets of scales, they give me results half a stone apart and I don't know what ones are right, but they can't both be right....


Haha, you read my mind.

I said to my husband yesterday, when we next get a 25kg bag of chicken food, we're going to test the scales with it first :-D

Scales can be mean and cheeky. They like to play with our emotions.

My doctor has a mean one and I have a friendly one.

What helps though is to put it on the same spot. Mine is in the bathroom and exactly second tile from South and third tile from East.

Pick the spot which gives you the best result and stick to it. Does not matter how much you weight, but how much you lost will make you feel better.

You just got to teach them 😁

I dont think it matters if the scales are too acurate. As long as you always leave them in the same place when you weigh. They will show you if you are losing or gaining weight on a regular basis. What I would recommend though is that you go to Boots and weigh say once a month just to confirm what your actual weight is.

Best wishes

Mine do the same. I've an uneven floor in the bathroom so can't go in there. The bedroom is carpeted which can also affect the reading too. I've just decided to pop the scales in the same place each time I weigh myself. If it isn't totally accurate, I'm not really that bothered so long as the weight is going down. :-)


I have a plan!

I've decided that when I next get a bag of chicken food, I'm going to test the scales with it as I know that it's 25kgs.

Also, as suggested, I'm going to compare myself to the scales in the local boots store, and I'll also enquire regarding their calibration schedule.

I have IBD, so for me it is important to know the actual weight (not just the trend) so that I can make sure I'm just where I need to be should I get ill and/or require medication.

Thank you all for your suggestions and comments, I really appreciate that you have taken the time to respond and some really sound advice :-) x

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