I'm looking for some support for my weightloss & fitness journey from like minded people.

Hi, I would love to regularly connect with some people doing the same thing. I have a long weightloss journey ahead of me. I am currently doing the slimming world plan (lost 7lb so far) where I weigh in every Saturday morning and this week I have decided to start a fitness rountine too.

I'm not sure how this works on here but I would love to connect with like minded people so we can help each other along the way.


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8 Replies

  • Well you have definitely come to the right place - everyone here is very friendly and supportive. Good luck in your journey! :)

  • thank you :-)

  • Hello, I've a long way to go too ! Currently 16-5, I've lost 1 stone 2lbs so far..... So a long way to go ! You will find a lot of support on here, genuinely people care, I suppose it's because we can all empathise with each other.... You'll also come across lots of information and tips.... It's a great site.

    Keep in touch and remember you aren't on your own !

    Best wishes, Trier

  • Thank you. Well done on your weight loss so far. :-)

  • Thank you............ Loooooong way to go, and you can't be static, it always needs tweaking, balancing; always work in progress isn't it ! ☺️

  • I'm starting nhs plan tomorrow... 7 stone to lose so will be on here often if you want to buddy up

  • This is a great forum, join in with as many of the activities as you can, you soon get to know people and there is tons of support. I changed my weigh-in day to Mondays so I could join the Monday weigh-in thread, it is very popular and so much nicer than weighing in a village hall somewhere. There are also exercise challenges, the current one being 20,000 leagues under the sea. It keeps you motivated to exercise. Oh and the Easter Bunny thread, where we set a goal to achieve by Easter, but that is nearly over now, but there will be a new one for summer.

    Anyway, like most good things, you get out what you put in (probably more, really), so take part as much as you can, it is great fun!

  • Thank you everyone, I look forward to reading your posts and getting to know you all along the way. :-)

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