I am officially overweight - whoop whoop

Lost 1lb this week, which is ok (although I didn't lose anything last week, in spite of being good). Have now lost 12lbs in total so checked my BMI and I am no longer obese. Mind you, there seems to be a hell of a long gap between being overweight and in the normal range and means me losing another 2 stone. To be honest I take the BMI with a small pinch of salt as it doesn't allow for body shape but I don't need a BMI calculator to tell me I'm overweight - just a mirror! As a lady of 'mature' years (another word for getting old) I'm aiming to lose another stone or so and see how I look and feel then. This really isn't an excuse, although it probably sounds like one, but when you're only a year off your 70th birthday I think it's more dangerous to be underweight than slightly over. Definitely feel better in myself though and haven't had an arthritis flare up for ages - who knew being overweight instead of obese could be so good!


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4 Replies

  • Excellent!! I'm just a few pounds off myself, hoe lovely to be *only* overweight ☀️

  • Wonderful! Being merely overweight is so much nicer-sounding that obese - good luck with the rest of your weight loss!

  • Well done! I too take the BMI with a pinch of salt but as the nhs and insurance companies etc seem to use it then it becomes another box to tick on the journey. I am only 4lbs away from leaving the obese part of the chart but if I were to ever get down to the recommended weight I would look very ill :-) John

  • Hello Linda

    Well done on being overweight!!! Lol 😊 And like you, better health is the best reward 😊

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