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Hi all after buying a pedometer yesterday (following CurlyBayeaf's post on pedometers) I wore it all day to see what kind of amount of steps I would do in a day. Now I am on the go all day, only really sit down for meals and a bit of telly in the evening. Always ferrying the kids about (I suppose I sit down in the car), up and down the stairs with clean/dirty washing, tidying up, hoovering, cooking dinner etc etc etc. I thought I was quite active but was quite shocked to see that I only clocked up about 3000 steps today. So tomorrow I am going to go for an hours walk and see how many steps that clocks up. How many steps would you do on average in a day? Am I not being realistic to expect I would do very many without having a long walk in the day too?


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53 Replies

  • Well done you've got to start somewhere, i wish i had the energy to follow your example😀👍

  • Hi, 3000 is probably what is the norm without exercise, think mine is around 2700. My 3 bouts of madness with treadmill and Donna et al and I am up in 7-9 thousands.

  • Oh thanks for reply. Good to feel that 3000 is prob norm. Will try a longish walk today and see what I can get up to. I thought I was quite active - just shows you.

  • The problem for us is the amount of time we are standing, there should be a anotherometre to count standing time ;)

    Also a flexometre to count all the muscle flexing while sitting to show muscle exercise lol

  • Yes that would be good!

  • I usually clock up around 4000 in a working day which is a combination of sitting for longish periods then moving. A gentle walk with my elderly dog boosts that by around 2000. An hours steady walk on my own would use around 6000, I don't usually get time to do that on a work day though ☀️

  • Thanks so much for reply. Glad my 3000 is not too bad for a normal day then. Will try walking for an hour today and see what I can get up to.

  • Apparently you are supposed to sim for 10000 a day . . . I can't manage that (yet) but am trying to get my daily average up, I think that's what important that you build it up 😊

    I have also heard 30 minutes a day of exercise is good. 😊 There's a really good video called "23 1/2 hours" about the benefits of exercise

    Sure you will build it up 😊 Sounds like you have a busy life!

  • Correct - American Heart Association state 10k steps a day 😊 but any steps are better than none! Build up to 10k by increasing your weekly steps by 1k. 30 minutes daily exercise is good too.

  • Thanks so much for reply. Yes busy life but not doing anything exciting really just household stuff and sorting kids out. Thought I was quite active but clearly not enough. Quite a jump from 3000 to 10000 so I will have to try and build it up as you say. Just looked at video it was very thought provoking. Walking half an hour a day is free and easy to do but I will just need to try and get in the habit of doing it. When you see all the potential benefits maybe it is as essential as drinking enough water each day too! Many thanks for info.

  • I have regular walking to do each work day as a commuter into London - to the station from the station once in London and then the reverse in the evening. In this way I manage to clock up just short of 10000 steps. Walking at lunchtime or between offices clocks up enough to take me quite a bit over. However if I'm given a lift to and/or from the station if knocks off about a quarter of the commute distance which makes a big difference to the daily total. Finding a way to introduce more regular daily walking is the way to increase steps I find even if refusing lifts! Any chance of walking instead of driving?

  • Thanks so much for your reply. I agree as when I was working in London I was a stone and a half slimmer and when I was walking my kids to primary school I managed just about to maintain my weight. But now they are at senior school and I don't have a need to walk I have not factored it into my daily routine and slowly over the last few years I have not really done any regular exercise. Shops are a good 20 min walk away so I could walk if I didn't need to buy much I guess.

  • Unless I go out for a decent walk it is unlikely that I do any more than somewhere between 2500 and 3500 just doing indoor stuff even if I am on the go all day.

    I think it takes the effort of getting out there and doing a good walk to get the steps in. To achieve the 10000 steps that are recommended takes some doing unless you have a job where you are walking distances during the day (a nurse on a busy ward can easily clock that up).

  • Thanks so much for reply - good to know that what I am clocking up is about the norm. Am going to go out for about an hours walk today so will see how many steps I can do then.

  • Let us know how you get on

  • Hi well I went for a circular route from my house which took about 50 mins. The stats from the pedometer say I did 6015 steps and walked 2.2 miles and burned 222 calories. Feel quite worn out now maybe should have taken it a bit easier but wanted to see what I could do. So if I add that to the 3000 I may do during the day I am not far off the 10000 today. Not sure I could do it every day though!

  • It's surprising how difficult it is to fit in that many steps on a normal working day unless you actually work in a job that involves lots of walking. For me I have neither the time or the energy

  • Hi I use my phone to clock my steps, I probably walk for about 45 mins to an hour to clock 6000 steps. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks so much for reply. I did download app on my phone but my battery is getting old and the charge was running out by lunchtime so had to give up. I just bought a cheap pedometer from the local chemist - seems ok so far. I am going to go for about an hour walk today so will be interesting to see how many steps I can do.

  • Let me know how you get on. I'm interested

  • Hi well I went for a circular route from my house which took about 50 mins. The stats from the pedometer say I did 6015 steps and walked 2.2 miles and burned 222 calories. Feel quite worn out now maybe should have taken it a bit easier but wanted to see what I could do. So if I add that to the 3000 I may do during the day I am not far off the 10000 today. Not sure I could do it every day though!

  • Well done!!! You will sleep well tonight! You will get use to it! I start exercising about 2 years ago, never would of thought I would be doing what I am! I love exercise (wow) it still shocks me when I say that! The more you do the more you want to do!! ☺

  • Ooh would be good if I could feel like that. Legs very tired tonight but yes I hope I will sleep well.

  • I find I only hit or exceed 10k steps when I walk at lunchtime and then run in the evening as well. It is tough and I don't do it every day. But adding a 30 minute walk to your day is a very good start.

  • I am going to go for a walk today to see how many steps I can do. Thanks for reply.

  • I've realised by going out for a walk it actually takes about an hour and a half of solid walking to reach 10000 steps. It's quite a lot so I try and get in at least an hour of waking which is about 8000 steps and figure I will probably make the rest up by doing other things around home, in the office etc

  • Thanks for reply. I am off for an hours walk today so will see how many steps that gives me.

  • Interesting that we've all come up with similar step counts for similar activities and walking times!

  • Yes definitely interesting. I hope that means if I can walk for about an hour and add that to my daily total I could reach the 10000 steps. Off for an hours walk today to see how many I can do. I was very disappointed last night that I had only done 3000 steps but have had an amazing amount of replies which have confirmed that I am probably doing about the same as other people and it has spurred me on to go for a walk today.

  • I cannot physically do 10,000 steps (weight bearing issues) but between cycling and swimming as well manage 300 minutes a week (double the suggested 150 minutes) for me, that is more important as I want to burn fat 😊

    Targeted exercise has also trimmed 15 cm off my waist compared to 8/10 off bust and hips (I've lost 13 kg) 😊

    Onwards and downwards (or upwards in this case!!) lol 😊

  • Thanks for reply I would think cycling and swimming are much more fat burning than just walking anyway and I guess its hard to compare them as you can't measure steps in the same way. 300 minutes a week is lot - well done you. Well done also for your fantastic cm and kg loss.

  • Dogs are a handy accessory as without them my step count would be little more than 1500. On the days I manage a e mile walk I make about 11000. I have to drive to work so no opportunity for public transport.

  • Don't tell my kids that as they would love a dog! I am going for an hours walk later to see how many steps I can do. Thanks.

  • I feel good when I clock up around 10,000 steps but I only do this for about three days a week, to be honest! Every little bit helps..... Other days I might only do 3,000 or even less! :)

  • Yes not sure I will manage a long walk every day but as you say every little helps!

  • Daft dance, 10 minute spurts, even wriggling your bottom while cleaning or sitting. Might look a bit odd at work though lol

  • Haha yes good idea. I have been known to bust some moves while dusting and hoovering. But may look bit stange dancing with trolley in aisle in sainsburys!!!

  • Yes, I was also surprised that with my busy life with 2 children I only clocked up around 3-4000 steps. Although a colleague of mine wore her pedometer on a 12hr shift in A and E and clocked up 10 miles!!!!!

    I think just being aware of our steps and being motivated to increase whenever we can is all really positive. Every step counts. :-)

  • Thanks for reply. Good to know that I am achieving the normal step amount for what I do each day. It has made me aware of what I am doing and I intend to go for an hours walk later to see how many steps that gets me.

  • For my age (67) 8000 steps a days is supposed to keep you healthy .. So I try and do 10,000 a day to help me lose weight along with counting calories.

    I follow a couple of walking programs on YouTube which cranks up about 2000 - 6000 steps and also then instead of sitting watching TV I do short bursts of walking during the adverts BUT it is a hard slog to get to 10,000 !

    Those Pedometers are an eye opener good luck with the steps

  • The kids were laughing at me yesterday as I was walking around the house while the dinner was cooking and just going back into the kitchen to stir it every now and then. Thought it was better to keep moving. Glad to see I am not alone in trying to fit in extra movement - walking about in ad break is good idea too. Yes I was really surprised how many (how few actually) I did yesterday.

  • Do you get to walk around all day at work? My job is sitting at a front desk and also doing tons of walking for when I have to take attendance in the activities with the Seniors.

  • I guess it's just good that we are all moving, up and down stairs, walking the dog, shaking our booty 😊😊😊

    For me, a year ago I could hardly walk at all and it is, literally, like having a second chance 😊😊😊 I am NEVER getting that heavy again 😊😊😂

    Good luck to all us movers and shakers (and wobblers)!! 😂😂😂


  • I am loving your determination - just keep moving anyway you can.

  • Thank you. Your post has shamed me  😕. I wore my pedometer every day for a year when I was losing weight,  but since it stabolised last april, I don't think I have  worn it!  Maximum steps are about good health not just  weightloss.  So I will go find it now and dust it off . 

  • Its such a good idea and makes you aware of how much or how little you are doing.  Only trouble is I have realised that as I wear it when I am driving the car I am actually not doing as many steps as I thought as it registers the movement in the car! :( Hope you found it.

  • Found it , re-set it, only to find battery needs replacing. 

    Will rectify that asap!

  • Thats typical! Not been able to walk outside today as weather too bad.  So have been pacing up and down hallway at home and jogging on the spot. Managed to do 1000 steps LOL!!!

  • Hi muffintop, I got this when I joined here. It's available at Amazon or Argos. It's great as it only clocks walking distance so isn't affected by the car. I clip mine on my bra and forget about it. Wouldn't be without it now. It counts calories burned and arobic steps also.

  • Thats kind of you to send a link but unfortunately I couldn't seem to get onto it?

  • Looks good - many thanks.

  • Basic but does a good job. Easy to operate, tell me all I need to know without getting complicated and you can wear it pretty much anywhere. Glad you could open the link x

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