Reached my healthy BMI

I have been lurking in the forum for quite a while saying very little but needed to share my happiness today.

This morning I weighed in at exactly 11st with a BMI of 24.8 woohoo!

I started last summer after weighing myself on our shiny new scales and discovering to my horror that I weighed the same as my hubby 13st 11lb, BMI over 30, so obese. I think I had been kidding myself for a long time.

I set myself some goals 1st loss by my hols at the end of September another 1st by Christmas and a third by Easter when my daughter is getting married.

I'm not quite there on the third stone but so close and what is even better, my wedding outfit is a size 12! (It does have some stretch n it)

Thanks to (almost) cutting out unnecessary carbs (biccies, crisps, doughnuts, cakes, chocolate) and eating slightly smaller portions, I have managed to still eat most of the things I love, even the occasional fish and chips or pizza.

Couch to 5k has been the telling difference. I have gone from struggling to run at all to running three or four times a week for 4-6 k, and have lost a huge 7 inches off my hips.

There have been weeks where lost nothing, and Christmas where I put some back on, but overall a consistent slow one or two pounds a week loss. So if I can do it anyone can. Just be determined and be patient, if you do the right things the weight will come off and slow is better, honest.

Doing a happy dance in my living room.


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15 Replies

  • Wow you have done so well! Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration!

  • So great, makes me smile inside and outside, we all need to know it can be done so thanks for telling us :)

    PS. I can see you doing the happy dance ;)

  • I am so pleased for you. That is such a joy to read. So many of us suddenly find the reality of what has happened and are nervous to start out. You started out and you made it. Are you pushing on a little more? I reckon you have set up such good lifestyle habits that you will steadily continue to lose. week done and enjoy that wedding and enjoy feeling good with relatively little effort!

  • Yes I will continue with running and keeping my paws off the biscuits and crisps. I will still have my favourite treat, which is popcorn. I would like to lose another stone to get well within my healthy weight range but I expect it to take until summer and won't worry about it. I fully intend to enjoy the wedding and partake of all the food and drink on offer, can't wait. I feel so much better and healthier it is worth the work and I now enjoy exercise, something I would never have suspected.

    Best wishes to everyone still working hard to reach their goals. You can do it!


  • Brilliant you will look and feel great especially at your daughters wedding, it would be great to see a pic of the bride and her proud mum on the big day xx 😁👍

  • I will see what I can do :)

  • Wo ho


    Pat on the back

    Walking on sunshine

    It sure feels good

  • Well done, brilliant and inspirational to everyone :-) John

  • Whoop whoop 😊 Well done you 😊

  • Fantastic achievement - well done you. Sounds like you would recommend couch to 5k. I have never been a runner and thought it would be too difficult to start. Maybe I will rethink! Hope you losing lots of calories doing your happy dance!

  • I would definitely recommend it. It starts with 60 sec runs and builds up from there. It took me longer than 9 weeks but that is ok you can take as long as you need.

    i am over 50 and was 3 stone overweight, I still managed it and learned to enjoy running. On the couch to 5k forum there are lots of people older or bigger than me succeeding.


  • I have only been doing this for 3 weeks. Lost 1.5lbs in first week and 3.5 pounds in second week. Only lost .5lb so far in week 3. (Weigh in on Monday). So I am thinking maybe I need to up my exercise to make a difference. When I have calorie counted in the past the weight seemed to come off easier but I am fast approaching 50 and I think the body is not doing what it did when I was younger. :( Will check out the forum. Thanks for info.

  • This is so great to hear! Well done, you have done amazing! You'll feel great on your daughters wedding day, and congrats on such an inspiring journey :)

  • Great result! Well done, and an inspiration to us all! Will join you in your happy dance... :)

  • Wow, brilliant, well done 🍾

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