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Easter pledge

Hi everyone, how is everyone doing with their Easter pledge. Only 1 week to go. I gave up chocolate, biscuits and cakes for lent and although I've struggled some days I've not gave in. Wanted to lose about half a stone, but up to now all I've lost is 3 lb, but that's ok as I'm at target weight anyway. Just wanted to lose half a stone so that I'm in the bottom end of ideal weight.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend

Karen xxx

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Hi Karen46,

Well done on your Easter Pledge. I didn't set myself one for Lent in the end. But I'd like to Congratulate you on achieving yours, that is really great! Congratulations also on losing 3 pounds - I know you'd hoped for more, but as you said, you're already at your target weight, so you're doing brilliantly!

Happy weekend.

Lowcal :-)

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