Lost - Reward Offered

Hi, I appear to have lost my motivation. It was definitely with me until I worked away last week and went for meal with colleagues. At some point whilst browsing the menu it seemingly vanished.

Please, if you see it looking at protein rolls in Lidl or loitering around the end of the aisle in Asda where they display the 2 chicken breasts in a sauce in a foil tray generally on offer, please please tell it I'm desperate to have it home and it's not in trouble.


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14 Replies

  • I found it in Asda yesterday and have sent it back to you ✨✨✨✨✨


  • Thanks Flossie 👍

  • Hi Chris, you've made me smile :) those pesky little motivations! They do like to wander off don't they! Hope it's home soon! Good luck! :)

  • oops... I haven't seen it ;-) sorry...

    I've found stripping down and looking in a full length mirror helps with this problem.

    Hope you find it soon!

  • That would do it but I avoid mirrors, I avoid anywhere with mirrors! Has its benefits though, never have to suffer Meadowhall! C Dracula has been seen in more mirrors than I have. 😉

  • Ha! Mine has been walkabout for the past week. Haven't been able to get to classes, (as I was doing) and been for a couple of nights out - Found ice cream in the freezer last night and ate the lot; (why!???! I didn't want to?!) - Anyway, got to a good LBT class this morning then went for a quick swim. Hoping to manage better now for the next week. Need to make some pledges like Asics !!!

    OK: I pledge to get to the class tomorrow; swim and go to bed by.... (this is hard this one) 11pm (that would be good for me)

  • Wow Frankie well done you, you've found my motivation as well by the sound of it!

  • Hi Chris1672,

    Sometimes that motivation can be fickle, and it can take some chasing, but I sincerely hope you find it, and that you can be reunited very soon. Flossie has sent it back to you, so I suspect it's already with you, and hopefully you're enjoying the weekend together - freshly motivated to rekindle your relationship.

    I hope you're enjoying the weekend, whatever you're doing!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks, the seemingly never ending housework is keeping me occupied 😢 Lol

  • rofl! Or I would be rofl, but I'd never get up again with my dodgy back, so just ho ho ho lol this did make me chuckle!

  • Was just thinking, maybe this guy can help?

  • 😅

  • The bandana and rainbow Lycra are coming out of the drawer... 😉

  • LOL!

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