Hello I'm new here

Hi, I've just joined and hope to find inspiration and support on my weight loss journey, after having my twins two and a half years ago!

I'm so unmotivated and find myself consoling myself with food, even after looking in the mirror and feeling horrified at what I see, I'll turn straight to the fridge. Self sabotage seems to be my modus operandi, so any tips people can offer to break habits like these would be greatly appreciated!


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  • I'm tub same just started on Thursday and emotional binge eating is my downfall I'm hoping to retrain my eating habits

  • You can do it Debbie!

    If you can think, "I know why I am eating this" BEFORE eating it, at least some of the time, you're on the way.

    Cracking emotional eating requires a gradual shift in your outlook. Gentle persistence..

  • Hi Tub, and welcome, i will do my best to encourage you, as we are in this together. Life is tough unfortunately, and we MUST fight back. eating is my downfall as well, but there comes a point where i have to dig both heels in and say enough is enough, and do the best i can to regain my health with God's help. I am a Christian and i told God about my weight problem. I haven't thought to tell him such trivial thing. But through my christian journey, i have learnt that He wants to be involve in every area of my life, so i talk to him about my health. I am blessed because since 2013, when i went to the doctor i was told i am boarder-line diabetic. I am not a bad eater when it comes to eating the right foods. i love the foods that most people found very boring bland, or whatever. veggies fruits, nuts you name it. The only thing is that i wasn't educated enough to eat less. That in a way helped me. Now that i went back to my doctor in Feb 2016, i am still boarder-line diabetic. This is telling me that the food i eat have something to do with me, after all that time not have diabetes. I am encourage, because i have decided to do what i can do to NOT get diabetes. Sorry for the essay, but i am saying all this to encourage, and help you along your journey. Find a way for you to incorporate exercise in your daily life, and as i said to a few others, don't put temptation in your way. buy food that will benefit you when you binge, nuts and fruits, and as i said don't eat them in abundance, just a few nuts, and a couple pieces of fruit.

  • Food will not hug you.......it never has, my cat provides those! Seek comfort in sone thing else, try to remember cravings and hunger are different, herbal teas, water based veg, can all be good snacks.

    Choose healthy protein based meals, and seek smaller portions.

    Seek help regarding emotional eating, good luck!

  • Diane, hi, thanks for your encouragement to Debbie, and for expounding and confirming more in detail on what i said. Good luck to you as well. ta

  • I've tried taking small steps. One researching food swaps, like eating a piece of fruit instead of a chocolate bar. Trying to look at my plate of food and reducing the amount I put on my plate. Last exercise. Last year I lost steadily over a stone in weight, it been a slow process I put myself under little pressure, the weight has crawled back up a little over the winter time, but I'm not to bothered because how well I did last year and I plan to lose another stone this year which will mean I've reached my ideal weight. So:- food swap, reduce amount and exercise.

  • Wonderful, Wonderful Wonderful, these are the encouragements we need. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. i have noticed my fruits, and veggies last a long time, especially my fruits. Fruits must be eaten in balance, as the natural sugars adds up and can be bad over time. I am now eating way less than i was previously, i am eating three meals a day, but the right foods. To prevent me from eating junk, i don't buy junk. I stock up on veggies, nuts (unsalted) and fruits. i am now parceling out a small portion of fruit , so when i am hungry i go straight for fruits, or nuts, and not cake, and buns. All this practice will take time, and we must be consistent to follow it threw. be encourage we can do it.

  • I have rejoined graze the snack company, £3.50 a box, good healthy nibbles,meet ra box office his week as Easter Choc version.

    I think some might the nut based boxes helpful?

  • Hi, I found it very tricky to find the motivation to start eating differently. But once the switch flicks, and your picture yourself living, going out, on holiday, etc at your your ideal weight, the steps you need to take to get there don't seem so impossible - just things on a to-do list.

    Once you feel that sense of determination - which you have, by joining us here - just remember every time you go to eat outside your planned food - do I want this more than I want to be lighter? Do I want to waste the effort I put in planning my meals all day just for this xyz?

    So far so good, it has worked for me, combined with huge supportive loveliness from this forum.

    My top tip is to record everything you eat, for example on myfitnesspal. Then you can reign yourself in more effectively.

    Good luck!

  • Oh yes, I has a whooping 700 cals in Choc today, cooked breakfast and dinner, all ups add, plus some fruit.

    It's over now

  • Ah, i feel for you. Just do everything you can to increase your own enjoyment. Try and find opportunities to do things with friends when you get the chance. It must be so difficult with the twins. Joining this site was good step though, you're getting connected. Hang on in there!

    Another thought - eating is a pleasure so you could try to consciously maximise the pleasure you get from food by giving it more attention. Certainly don't hate yourself for going to the fridge! We all do it.

  • We can do this I'm aiming for 1lb a week that way I'm still enjoying food and just making healthier choices hope for a stone off for schools finishing for summer 😀

  • Hi Bluewings,

    Welcome to the forum, and I hope you'll enjoy being part of this community. Most of us are following the NHS 12 week plan, as this forum is the Weight Loss NHS forum, and we have a Welcome Newbie post, which Moreless (a lovely forum member) has put together:


    There's a Monday group weigh-in too, which you might like to consider joining, if you like the idea of a weekly weigh-in. Details of that and also lots of other Challenges can be seen in the Welcome newbie post, but also you can see details in the Pinned Posts area (top right-hand-side of the homepage), and the Monday group weigh-in is in the 'Events' section, slightly further down the page.

    So I hope you and all the other newbies who have responded to your thread today might consider joining in, and hope to see you all around and about in the forum.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi, it is in these situation, that we need to encourage each other, and not pass judgement. Firstly welcome, and we are hoping you will get encouragement, and find your way to weight loss freedom. We all don't really like what we see in the mirror, and we are well aware it will be a loooong rough winding road to health freedom. No point me sugar coating anything. It will be a long road, and it will be down to us to be consistent, and follow it threw.. I have recently found out i am Pre- Diabetic, and the nurse said to me, eventually if i dont change my lifestyle i WILL be diabetic. I was scared, and i vowed, i will do all i can to bring my weight, and blood pressure down. I have no other option, but to do all i can do now. I have made a decision to include excercise in my daily routine. i hate gyms, i don't go gym's, but i love walking. i walk long distances in the past, and i lost weight safely, and i will do that to get my B/P and weight down. I was 21st in January before i went to my doc in Feb 2016, and my nurse said on thursday just gone, my weight is 19st 9Ib. I am encouraged, and will do my best to bring it down before i see her again in another 3 months. Be encouraged, dont buy food that you will get tempted to eat when you are low. stock up on things like nuts ( unsalted that is: Brazil nuts, Hazel nuts, Almonds. and fruits . One thing be careful not to eat too much nuts and fruits. its amazing but the things that are good for you, can make you put weight on if you eat too much. Hope to hear you soon..

  • That sounds just like me. But having joined this forum iy has helped me get back on track. However, I have been having little bit of sneaky bites and drinks but still been back on track straight after. You will be very motivated and positive about yourself too. ☺

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