Gaining weight whilst keeping within calorie allowance

I am a 76 year femail who would like to lose about 10lb. I was 11st 1lb and would like to be about 10 1/2 or a bit lower. I am unable to do strenuous exercise due to copd but can manage 1-2 mile walk on the flat. I have lost a couple of pounds this week, but gained a pound on Weds despite keeping within my calorie allowance and being quite active. This is disheartening. How can I prevent the odd gain?


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  • If you weigh yourself daily then expect some variation due to water retention etc. Better to weigh weekly before breakfast. I often can see a variation up to 2lbs over 24 hours so do not lose heart. If you are keeping to the plan eventually the weight will fall off. If it doesn't then maybe look at adjusting your allowance taking into consideration your level of activity. John

  • I always weigh myself in my birthday suit, like John says 2kb gain a day in normal too.

    I find if I eat lore carb it help, esp with hormones!

  • Like John says, weight can go up and down so weigh weekly , but I suggest you don't get disheartened. I lost nothing first week, 1/2 lb second week, then 4 lbs!!! So overall 4 1/2lbs over three weeks, it doesn't always show on the scales 😊

  • You say you are keeping within your calorie allowance but can I ask where you found your calorie allowance from. I am 69 and for a long time worked on the assumption that 1400 calories was fine for me to lose weight. However it was not going, I went on line and found a calculator. Entered all my personal data and was shocked to discover I needed less calories (around 1250). Perhaps worth double checking your allowance

  • Try to only weigh once a week first thing in the morning. If you can't break the cycle of daily weighing, then weigh at the same time each day, keep a note of your weight then at the end of the week work out your average weight for that week. Good luck on your journey :)

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