Track team quit or not??

I don't really post things like this and I am sorta new to the forum thing so bear with me... Recently I have joined the track team in my college and I want to quit because I am so insecure about my body and feel like I'm a burden for being on the team. I am 5'3 and 150 lbs which is another reason I am slowest on the team. I mean we aren't the best team in the world not by a long shot, but everyone is so fit and I am all not- its really embarrassing and it made me hate the sport. I want to tell the coach I quit but I don't want to be "that" player you know and I am kinda scared because if I do get up and quit going to the gym will be awkward if I see the other team members there. Also I really don't have any friends on the team making it kinda lonely. I know this isn't necessarily about weight loss but it does deal with body insecurity. Any advice for struggling college girl?


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8 Replies

  • A gym instructor told me he loved seeing people like me because we really needed the gym, the fit healthy ones didn't!!

    But only you can decide, if you want to do it and enjoy it, stick with it no matter, but if it's stressing you out, stay home and do a dance video or something, 😊 Do what makes you happy 😊 But do something! Lol

  • Thank you this was very uplifting! Sometimes I put so much pressure on myself and feel like everyone is looking at my poor performance so I tend to quit most things I do rather quickly, I know it is bad but I believe its my low self esteem which I should fix. Sometimes being home and focusing on my own self is the best option for me!

  • What about talking to the coach and seeing if they can give you some recommendations for things you can do in the gym that would help improve your performance?

    It seems a shame to quit if you enjoy it and it's worth remembering that you'll get better as time goes on - and I bet others on the team were once where you are!

    The only other thing I'd say is that if you've only just joined the team it takes time to make friends so I'd maybe give it a bit longer and see how it goes - perhaps if some of them train in the gym on a regular basis you could see if they'd be willing to let you join them?

  • Yeah I agree with you. I little more training should do the trick though I think the friends part is do to me being introverted and also being one of the few freshmen among upperclassmen.

  • Hearing your height and weight, can I reassure you that your figure can't be all that different to the others on your team, it's only a few lbs above your recommended weight range for your height, and those extra lbs could well be muscle. And being 'slow' isn't necessarily related to your figure anyway - there are plenty of skinny people who can't run at all! I think feeling good about yourself is a massive part of becoming the healthiest possible version of you. Can I ask how old you are? I hope apart from the body issues the track team is something you want to be doing - I really admire people who start adulthood with regular exercise like this, it will set you up brilliantly for the future :)

  • I am 18 going on 19 and thank you! I really wanted to try something new

    since I haven't played a sport since elementery school! haha

  • Hi TheStruggleisReal,

    I can't add to the suggestions made to your post so far, they all sound great suggestions, and I'd just like to say that I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to do - and hope that you succeed in whatever you choose to do.

    Exercise can be so different, and I remember in my student days that it was fun to try out new things, and see what works best - but essentially people prefer to do different things, and it can take a little while to work out where you want to be. That's ok. Take the time you need. Talking to your coach could be a really great start, as they will have experience and hopefully be supportive. They might be able to recommend some great ideas.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you! I will try talking to him and see his suggestions!

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