Fruit and Vegetable daily allowance

How many people eat more than the daily reccommended allowance of fruit and veg in a day.

Me breakfast consists of dried cranberries, sultana's, blueberries.

After gym banana after 2 scrambled eggs

Tea is usually broccilli, carrots (raw- steamed-roasted or stir fry) sweetcorn, pea's, could be more depending on what we are having.

Snack could be satsuma, apple, pear, grapes either has a mixed salad or just one on it's own.

My family think I'am odd.



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8 Replies

  • I tend to have a protein breakfast, fruit, nut butter on toast or scrambled eggs, pack of cherry tomatoes or sugar snaps ( anytime during the day), then veg with dinner!

    Lunch is normally toll or sand which, add some Choc in that or a biscuit too

  • Sorry to hear your family thinks your eating habits are odd, they sound very healthy to me!

    We usually manage to eat more than 5 a day, although it's more vegetables than fruit. I find that too much fruit gives me digestive problems and seems to contribute to weight gain.

  • If you like fruit and veg - then eat it, but make sure you are getting enough calcium and vitamin D from dairy foods (for strong bones), and protein from nuts, beans and pulses (for repair of muscles) if you are vegetarian, meat and fish if not. Wholegrain cereals will give you your B vitamins too (For good skin, hair & general wellbeing). It is all about maintaining a healthy balance.

  • You can also meet your calcium needs with green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale as well as nuts and beans. All the more reason to eat plenty of vegetables!

  • I eat a lot of vegetables. Salad one meal, vegetables second meal. Maybe 250g per meal?

  • I eat loads of fruit and vegetables, a typical day would be: fridge porridge for breakfast with dried fruit, mid-morning banana, lunch of a sandwich and a huge apple, dinner would be a plate of potatoes and vegetables, beans or pulses, followed by a bowl of grapes/blueberries/pear and maybe some dried fruit and nuts for an evening snack.

  • People should actually eat 8-12 portions of fruit or veg a day, but they decided that people would find it too daunting and not bother at all, so they published this 5-a-day rule to be a compromise target. But 5-a-day isn't a limit, it's a minimum! If your family thinks having 5 is excessive, they are likely to develop health problems in the future.

    Personally I don't think dried fruit really counts as a portion - it's likely to have lost some of the essential vitamins over time, and is actually quite sugarry. I eat it as a not-unhealthy snack, but not as a healthy snack (if you follow me...)

    They say that if you are looking to lose weight, it's better to limit fruit to 2 portions a day and everything else should be vegetables. I eat around 3 bits of fruit a day - 1 with breakfast, 1-2 as snacks and maybe 1 with dinner. I cook a lot of veg into my meals (soups and casseroles mostly).

  • Small glass of fruit juice at breakfast, large salad with my lunch (whether it's an actual salad or salad with my sandwich), at least two different vegetables for dinner (last night runner beans, broccoli, peas and overgrown courgette), and a fruit bowl on my desk at work (currently apples, sweetclems, kiwi and peaches), with probably three pieces eaten on average during the day, and my downfall grapes are kept in the fridge for after dinner. :)

    I have reached an age and attitude where I don't care if others think me odd anyway.

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