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Yay noodles are back on the menu

I love noodles and rice but when I started keeping track I was shocked to see how much carbs, fats etc esp noodles contained, off the menu noodles went.

After watching an advert for Dragon's Den successes Barenaked I decided to look into then, what a surprise to find not only are they low in calories, carbs hardly worth mentioning they taste good too. Made a chicken stir fry with left over home roasted chicken and lots of veg.

Yay back on the menu

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That sounds interesting and I will have to try them out as I like my curry and spag bol etc but I am also trying to cut down on carbs. Great tip!


Hi Gottodothis,

Glad you've found some noodles that you like! Your chicken stir-fry sounds delicious!

Lowcal :-)


Broccili, mange tout, baby sweetcorn, carrots, courgettes, peppers, mushrooms, chicken thigh, noodles and cheat sweet/sour sauce. Think I had enough veg haha

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Wow, that sounds great - lots of delicious veggies there! What do you mean by 'cheat' sweet/sour sauce? :-)


It came out of a packet not home made, just love fruit and veg. Always eat veg first, then meat if not full will then eat the rest mash- chips etc. My mum taught us that.


I'd have some of all those items, it sounds like a really tasty combination. :-)


Got to say, I use the similar ones from Holland and Barrett and the smell of the noodles before they are fully drained and rinsed is dreadful. Also, they have an odd rubbery texture so I only use them if I can't think of anything else to have, even making them with lots of spices and herbs doesn't alter the texture for me.


I have not tried them so sorry can't compare. Funny how one person can like something while another can not stand them.


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