Feeling v guilty

This week I have been weighing myself, I have been doing 20 mins Jillian Michael beginner shred 4 days this week so far. I am still not losing anything. Then I got so upset and stupidly had kfc with the kids. This means I'm Defo going to gain. I feel so guilty and so down. Plus my parents are coming back from their Hol and we will be having dinner there. I think I'm going to b selfish n just bring my two kids home and say they need to eat at home. Wish I could repair the damage I have done. It's a bit cold to do the walk to daughters preschool.Maybe do jm and also try another cardio dvd I have ?


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7 Replies

  • Oh dear, the KFC is very naughty, but dinner with the parents is manageable, honest. Just turn down the sauces, the simple carbs and eat the veg and the protein. When it comes t desert , decline gracefully and say you will have a spoon to taste a bit so as not to offend. Use this as a test for yourself by refusing food stuffs you have made a choice its not a punishment.

    You are not just changing what you eat for the diet, you are changing the way you think about food, personally I have no problem not eating when outside the house, I think, they are looking at me this fat person eating when its obvious if I did not eat for 2 months I would still be fat. Not the best way to think but it stops me eating anything but small portions of healthy stuff in public. I also always do the little taste of someone's desert ;)

    Thinking healthy foods only means you can eat out with minimal damage. i lose weight on holiday because i don't like people seeing me eat which is more about my perceptions than the whole of society, I suspect. I would lose loads of weight if it were not for the bloomin latte's and cappaccinos ;)

    Go positive, feel good because you resisted, enjoy the feeling, be self righteous, let others feel guilty for eating the bad stuff you don't. Be proud because you did it :)

  • Good advice The Hud, aren't those Lattes and other posh coffees loaded with calories and sugar? :-) John

  • Yep, I can live without most things on hol but the bloomin milky drinks get me everytime. Biggest mistake we ever made was buying a starbucks coffee machine after one trip away. We now have loads of the stuff which is not being used.

  • ha ha, I know what you mean. OH wanted a Kenwood mixer, which we bought just before Christmas, to make lots of home made cakes with :-( It is now safely locked away!

  • Hi Adheela,

    I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling down, and I hope you can put those feelings of guilt behind you, because it's not so bad to have an occasional take-away meal once in a while, it could have been worse - just try to move on from that, and try to make the very best of the weekend ahead - you've done some great things this week - you've done your exercise DVD, and I hope you enjoyed it!

    Like TheHud says, having dinner with your parents needn't be bad either, you can always say what you'd like to have in terms of portion sizes - and if they give you too much, then you don't have to eat all that is on your plate. Just eat what you want to, and leave the rest.

    It's your choice to do what you want - of course, but try not to let the events of the last couple of days put your off.

    Hope you enjoy the weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks everyone, the hud - i think

    Il try ur approach, that would be something I would be proud off if I can pull it off lol! Lowcal, thanks v Much I may try n do more exercise this weekend but wel see Wat happens on Monday!

  • Stop weighing yourself daily!! You go up and down on an hourly basis depending on what your body is doing at the time...you'll only depress yourself. Have a calorie goal then stick to it. That way you can have 1pc KFC chicken if you go low cal on everything else. Cutting out foods you love never works. You just have to know when to stop.

    As for meals with others tell th you are trying to lose weight and you need their support. If they can't then invite them to your place where you can cook and stay in control

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