Hungry like a wolf 🐺 !!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all ok πŸ˜ƒ

Weigh in today and have stayed the same, and that's ok. I've have a bit of a battle this week, I have felt constantly hungry !! I've struggled to stick to my cals and have gone over some days but the learning curve is, with the exercise I have done it has balanced out !!! A win win all round πŸ˜ƒ

I've not craved anything just felt really hungry !! This week I'm going to have a more substantial breakfast and lunch and try a smaller evening meal. Mr F joked 'maybe I was having a growing spurt' Lol.

I made dartmoor dumpling's bran muffins last weekend and they were really nice, a really nice snack option and they freeze well, so l'm making another batch this weekend! πŸ˜ƒ

It's cold wet and miserable here so I'm off to de clutter the bedrooms !!! If I don't post my stats on Tuesday sent someone to find me !!!

Happy weekend 😜



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11 Replies

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  • Hi Flossie,

    Sounds like you're going to have a productive day today, decluttering the bedrooms, and that's good to do that kind of thing on a cold wet and miserable day. I hope the weather will improve soon, so you can feel more Spring-like!

    Congratulations on maintaining your weight, that's really great, especially in view of the fact that you've found this week to be a bit of a struggle. I think you've got a good plan to bump up the nutrients in your breakfast and lunch, and have a lighter meal in the evening - that sounds really good.

    Wishing you a great weekend!

    Hopefully the weather will get better for you, and you'll have a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal,

    I'm feeling really good and ready for this making this coming week different !! ive got a bit sidetracked going through some slimming world booklets a friend gave me. There is some nice recipe ideas so once the bedrooms are done I'm going to workout cals and have a week of different eating.

    Looking forward to it πŸ˜ƒ

    Have a lovely weekend


  • Well done for maintaining your weight. Not easy when you feel constantly hungry. I am sure when you have a week of eating different things from your new recipe ideas you will see a difference on the scales next time. Planning ahead is always best for me as its easier to keep inside your calories when you know what you can have from the morning. I am sure our bodies get used to what we are eating. I have tried to change to yogurt, fruit and oats for breakfast sometimes instead of the usual breakfast cereal hoping that it may make a difference. Have fun decluttering - keeping busy stops me eating too! Have a great weekend and hope the weather improves for you.

  • Thanks muffintop67,

    You are so right re planning and new ideas!! I know I had fallen into an eating rut and it's taken a few weeks to take the initiative and shake it up 😜

    So far today the plan has worked well and I do feel less hungry and have had more energy!! ( coincidence???).

    Tomorrow I'm poaching two eggs for the very first time πŸ€” Lol

    Enjoy your weekend


  • Oh well done for maintaining Flossie! I had a hungry day yesterday and managed to gain 3/4lb!! Let's hope that we can both quell the hunger pangs and see a better result on the scales!

    Good luck! :)

  • Thanks moreless,

    I'm sure it is just a temporary gain for you, and by Monday you'll be shaking them pomPoms with glee😜

    Have a lovely weekend


  • Hello flossie

    Hunger is my nemesis!! Grrrr . . . I have a generous calorie allowance (1200-1400) and always eat either a substantial breakfast about 10 or a good lunch, and a lighter evening meal, it is supposed to be good for menopause symptoms (not that I have noticed much difference!! )

    I have found I don't get the grumpy/ tired /hungry 4 oclocks I used to 😊 😊😊 I even Manage a tea time dog walk now the lighter evenings are here 😊 I also don't get the sugar cravings I used to get either.

    Well done on your battle! 😊


  • Thanks Anna,

    I'm open to trying anything new, I've been on this journey for a while but struggling to get to the end πŸ€” Lol

    It's a bit old fashioned, what is it ? breakfast like a king, lunch like a Lord and supper like a pauper !!!

    I'll be happy just to kickstart my wgt loss !!

    Enjoy your weekend


  • That sounds about right! Lots of studies show successful weight loss is linked to breakfast, something I have always struggled with but hopefully, no more!

    Onwards and downwards 😊

  • Good to maintain Flossie. I think we know that our weight loss is not going to be a straight line graph consistently going downwards there are bound to be some times when we stop or go backwards but, over the long term, we will get there so celebrate the maintain and crack on with the de-clutter! :-) John

  • Thanks John,

    I wish I was a Ib behind you πŸ˜ƒ Lol. You are right we sometimes expect too much, but I know I need to kickstart my wgt loss so it's onwards and downwards !!😜

    Enjoy your weekend


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