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Hey guys,

I was sent home from work on Monday this week, rang the GP and couldn't get me in for 2 weeks, managed to get to see the GP on wednesday and he asked to get some bloods done, well, there was a queue when I came out of the surgery for appointments etc, I was not waiting in that, asda queues seemed a lot better, I rang when I got home, and they said that I couldn't go in for my bloods for another 3 weeks, bearing in mind the doctor ordered these for a.s.a.p, I am still under The Christie for cancer, I am now borderline for diabetes due to the drugs i'm on causing weight gain, now need some help of where I can send a complaint, as I have had enough of this, Please don't get me wrong I know the NHS is struggling at the moment but there is no need for these surgeries to take it out on us, I need an address so that I can complain, I sent a complaint to the manager but didn't even get a response, I would like to take this further as all I get told now if its an emergency then go to walk in centre or A&E this then blocks them up. any ideas and advice please, would be appreciated

Thanks guys


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8 Replies

  • First I would contact the manager again using a communication that requires acknowledgement, such as a special delivery letter with track and trace.

    That should elicit a response.

    If you aren't satisfied with the response then, you may look up the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)?

  • our local hospital has a walk in path lab for blood tests requested by GPs, might be worth seeing if your hospital has the same, at least you'd get your bloods done the same day then.

  • thanks for your feedback, it is appreciated, its a waste of time re- writing back to the practice Manager, heard someone the other day they had written to complain and received nothing back either that was after 3 or 4 letters they sent in, the nearest walk in hospital is about 4 miles from where I am and if I haven't got the car then I'm stuck, as the buses are every hour, if we are lucky.

    again thanks guys.

  • CQC are inspecting and regulating GP surgeries as well now, so if people aren't getting an appropriate response from the Practice Manager, contact CQC and they will inform the inspector for that surgery who will then take it on.

  • Pretty sure there's an ombudsman

  • Not sure if I need to go that far yet, even though I feel angry enough as it is, if we can deal and resolve locally then I would rather do it that way, I have to many stresses going on at the moment and cannot add anymore on, I will approach the PALS and have a look into the CQC people first, am just drained with it all, like hitting my head against a brick wall all the time, (I'm am not doing this by the way)

    Thanks again guys

  • I'm not really clear what the complaint is about - is it because you can't get an appointment quickly enough?

    I expect there is a 28 day response turnaround time as you need to give them a chance to investigate. Were you very specific about your issue or was it more of a general complaint? Did you tell them that you want a reply in x days?

    You could try transferring to a different surgery in the meantime. If you look up NHS complaints process there should be an address and advice there.

  • Hi Mascotty,

    Hope it works out for you - I haven't got any further suggestions, but hope you are able to have your complaint heard and responded to.

    Lowcal :-)

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