New me

New me

Hi am julieann prefer jue i have always be a 8 but 3 yr ago i had 3 ops one went wrong on my wrist so i cant use hand to painful had loads of med issues since sciatica hearing loss slightly and recently a bleed on brain scared me anyway i really love to be about 8 and a half stone in 13 weeks wishful thinkin its my 10th wed anniversary and were going abroad i want to look super hot am 43 weight is a shocking 12.7pounds and 4.11height plz help coz i have just been told i have a slightly of thyriod under active i have til 14 th of june to get at less a 12 any advic plis exercise is limitable


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  • Hi Jue,

    I would recommend having a read through of our Welcome Newbie post (which Moreless, a lovely forum member, has put together), and hopefully some of the information and advice in there will be helpful to you. Many of us follow the NhS 12 week plan, and I would definitely recommend you take a look at that - the link is within the Newbie post, but also can be accessed via the icon in the top middle of the screen entitled 'Weight Loss NHS' and then click on the link pages to find the 12 week downloadable pages.

    Here's the link:

    Hope you'll enjoy being part of this forum, it's a friendly and supportive community.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Golly, I thought those of us fast tracking a couple of pounds to a max of 4 a week were taking it as far as we could. You may get a kick start for the first month with 1 stone down, as I did but then it gets really tricky without shed loads of exercise. I can't do the exercise either but do daft dancing and work on 2:1 high intensity, low impact. I too have health issues and restrictions, you will find there are a few of us on here.

    To start with do a food diary and given your health conditions you need to visit a doc to see what can be achieved.

    I am under 5 foot and have never actually been under 9 stone 6lb since 20 when I was super fit.

    I suggest rethinking the target and setting bite size chunks too. But you do need to see the doc and do that diary, look through all the info on here and NHSChoices about illness and diet etc.

    Good luck -You have made a start ;)

  • yeah thats why i said wishful thinkin a size 12 1 dress size down would be fab

  • Well i do daft dancing and in 5 weeks its taken about 4 inches of my waist, not that that is a great deal in the grand scheme of things. Its low impact, both knees knackered, and concentrates on building and toning the muscles including getting in some aerobic activity. A good start is donna summers I feel love, set legs slightly apart and start twisting those hips while keeping feet flat on the floor, move arms as much as you can again feeling the tense of all muscle groups, rest for a bit then move on to the next great 80s dance music ;) I can do 3 times a day now and am starting to be able to trust more movement in my legs as my weight comes down and muscles build up. My thighs have also lost 3 inches each, arms are now coming down by an inch and hips are down 2 inches. Just start and do the 2 min approx then rest for 1 and see how you get on. :)

  • I used to do dancing round house zumba high stress job but nerve damage has effected left side including leg ending up it giving out on me falling flat on face literally. Plus no high blood pressure or stress coz of bleed on brain i feel like every way i turn its nope cant do that i will have to find a niche that doesmt kill me thanks for ur support

  • I would not suggest dancing around the house :) I have left side nerve damage, both knees pretty bad, a clot/bleed (they could not decide) hit my optic nerves at some point in my head so both affected identically and that is just the start. I decided enough was enough, but talked to all the docs first and got the go ahead it took a year to prepare. Do you take medication to prevent further bleeds and keep blood pressure down, daft question its standard practise. If the bleed is not stable enough how on earth are you going to go in a plane, is it worth the risk, suggest Glasgow Hilton fab city ;). You need to ask the right questions of your docs, personally as one who has CFS too and much more, the illnesses started to control me and I had talking therapy which really hit the mark. I decided what I accepted as living was not living, just existing so I take all the supplements and medication and illness, well I am still all of it, but now I am taking control of it. As for dieting alone you can do it but that comes with its own risks if you want to do low cal etc. I have found taking out all carbs has helped my exhaustion levels and my insides.

    Look on the bright side you are well enough (or supported enough) to make yourself or get yourself glam, my hair is honored if it gets put in a successful pony tail and you should see the state of my nails and I have loads of lovely jewelry but the rings don't go over my newly gnarled fingers and anything on my wrists or neck feels like acid burns and bugs the life out of me ;) However, I am so much better because I am moving what I can move.

    I find I only have energy for one thing at a time and currently its getting fitter and losing weight :)

    You have loads to look forward to and worrying about losing weight should not be the worst thing. Think get fit so you can enjoy that hol. Go to Docs, work on fitness, regardless of illness, just do it carefully, gradually and under medical supervision.

    You will get there and so will I just maybe not in 13 weeks or in my case ever a size 8 lol :)

  • O dont get me started on tablets its another issue one make me tired one give me tummy ache and makes me dizzy am currently on8 tablets in morning 5 afternoon 9 on a night

  • I was struggling with my weight since I was teenager. Tried various of different diets and weight loss supplements. The best for me is eating healthy low fat food, ideally homemade, give up sugary foods and drinks and drink mineral water instead and as a weight booster I brew natural Tibetan herbs for slimming and this combination works perfectly for me. The last time I had been dieting this way I lost 4 stones. My friend also took a leaf out of my book and she lost over 3 stones. It might also work for you if you are really determined. Good luck.

  • Tibetan herb?

  • Yes. Tibetan herbs for slimming. You need to brew them 3 times a day but I brew them just in a morning in a thermos in amount to be enough for whole day.

  • If you cut calories you will lose pounds but some exercise is important if you want to turn some of that to muscle 😕 I too, have limited mobility but manage to swim, have a mini indoor cycle, do yoga, some stretching exercises for flexibility, and, increasingly, short walks 😊 however, I have built this up from just about zero 7 months ago by gradually increasing each week. 13 weeks is a reasonable timeframe to lose weight and build up some improved fitness 😊 You may not look quite the way you wish but your improved health will make you look and feel much better.

    Good luck

  • Yeah slow and sensable got diet and portion sizes just got to find a way to exercise without erking health probs thanks for ur support

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