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Hitting the wall

Hi, I was doing so well lost weight and inches but the last month nothing has moved not even an cm or a gram.

Just done 13,033 steps which is daily event and an hr at the gym weights, cardio, squats and a variety of body work. Staying just under my cals, protein, carbs etc.

What I'am doing wrong, this is where I normally get fustrated, slow down and eventually stop.



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There are lots of posts on here about plateau - not there yet myself so can't offer any advice just hoping things pick up (or come off) for you soon 😕


Hi Gottodothis, you sound like me 4 yrs ago when I lost steadly then slowed down then suddenly stopped losing. Not sure why ? Anyway I didn't continue after that ,as you say very frustrating. I have at the moment slowed a little in losing and hoping I am not going to stop. However I am determined to carry on. I spoke to a close friend about it all. Apparantley this is common. Its very complicated but the body gets very clever in managing the same routine e.g.. Intake of food, exercise etc. therefore doesn't have a need to change. However this is only a short term acceptance for the body if you change your exercise and intake of food slightly so your body thinks something different is happening, its suppose to jolt the change and you should lose again?? So If suddenly I stay the same after a week or so I shall ajust my daily routine and see if it works. Its worth a try. Hope you manage to sort yourself and continue all the hard work you are putting in.


Hi Wendy - so frustrating when this sort of thing happens. I find that ringing the changes helps. Are you eating the same calories every day? Maybe try doing the 5:2 diet where you have very low calorie on 2 days a week and more calories on the other 5 days, or try min-fasting where you only eat during 8 hours of the day (eg, 10am to 6pm), or try low carb high fat for a few days. Sometimes looking at different recipes introduces your body to new foods or food formations that it is unfamiliar with - anything that can ambush your body into thinking things have changed! Possibly change your exercise routine doing some swimming and/or cycling and/or running. Hope some of these suggestions help.

Wishing you all the best with this. Let us know how it goes.

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The body adjusts in an attempt to maintain a constant internal environment; homoeostasis.

To prevent a plateau, increase your intake of natural fat for a week or two every month, not so much that you regain weight. Then you can attempt weight-loss again.


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