New start

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to lose weight since October, have increased my exercise and do a lot more than I did from October but exercise alone has not proven successful.

As such, starting today, and with support of all of you lovely people, I am now looking to lose a significant amount of weight.

I am looking forward to the journey




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9 Replies

  • You surely have come to the right place Michele! Welcome on board and best of luck.☺

  • Welcome Michelle, you are right that exercise alone does not lose weight. You have to control what you eat as well. The 12 week plan is a great way to start and you should see results right away. :-)

  • Hello Michelle

    Lots of info and support on here 😊 Good luck shifting the weight

  • Thank you everyone, I'm already feeling the support. ❤️😀

  • Before you start the diet go on line, find a site (there are many of them) and check out your daily calorie needs. By doing this you will see how many calories you can eat and still lose weight.

    For years I went by the 2000 calories a day for the average woman, having checked my personal consumption levels I was somewhat shocked to find that I only burn around 1500. I can increase this to about 1850- 1950, occasional hitting 2000 with a lot of walking and exercise

    Good luck

  • Hi Michele, you have come to the right place plenty of advice and support from people who know all about dieting good and bad.

    You will be fine.

    I use this alot. My aid is Myfitnesspal app on phone/ipad counts steps and input food works out all good/bad cals, carbs, fats, proteins even micronutrients. New product called barenaked thy do noodles low cals and carbs. Cut out alot of wheat products and lactose free milk (helps that I have IBS) .

    Good luck and have faith in yourself you can do this.


  • Thank you Wendy.

    I really appreciate your message. Well so far so good. I have completed everything I need to and have done some exercise too.


  • Good luck! I started yesterday too. Determined to succeed.

  • Thank you bedders. I am now following you, I hope you don't mind.

    As we are both on the start of our journey, it may be nice to support each other. X

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