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Hello everyone,

glad to be here. My focus is to lose weight gradually (hopefully 1-2 kilos a week) until I am a healthy size 14/16. What I would greatly appreciate is tips for sweet tooth snacking. I already love my Time Out single choc bars, 100g of strawberries snacks and weight watchers high fibre choc biscuits. If anybody has any more suggestions, that'd be fab. Wishing everyone here luck and good health. @->


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  • Hi Gonnadoit,

    If you like the idea of a weekly weigh-in, then do have a look at our Monday group weigh-in session - see the 'Events' section (right-hand-side of the homepage) and you can click on the session, which is taking place now.

    Also, here's a link to our Welcome Newbie thread (which Moreless has put together):

    There are some great ideas for healthy snacks in a post by Lucca10 in the Pinned posts section, but it is also in the Welcome Newbie post - so you can also find it there.

    Wishing you success with your goals.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I have a sweet tooth too. I often have a weak mug of hot chocolate to keep the 'hungries' at bay. Also, lots of fresh fruit - the oranges are lovely this time of year.

    I have a passion for cake so have played with different sugar free, low calorie recipes. Favourite one is Allbran muffins as these are filling and high fibre too.

    Latest recipe (which I will be sharing with family) is a Chocolate Courgette cake at - I will put the recipe in the Recipes thread. (Tastes far better than it sounds). Calories are around 250 for an eighth or 125 for a sixteenth of the cake - just for a treat!

  • Thank you for that. I think I need to start experimenting with low fat cakes too! Wish me luck.

  • Are you calories counting factor them in as a treat I have caramel rice cakes as a regular sweet thing 50 cals each

  • Have to admit (although I'm anti excess packaging). I like things that are individually wrapped so I have to think twice before opening another! :-)

  • Me too!

    It's the old 'biscuit in the tin' which got me to this size in the first place!!!

  • Hi

    1-2kg is alot to lose each week especially if you still want to snack with high calorie sweet things, don't forget all those simple carbs in there too :)

    I overcome my need to eat when I should not by eating sugar free jelly, today I am having a fruit and jelly day just to make a change :) 3 large jellies with various berries in them.

  • I'm going to try and stay positive :-S but I will go get some jelly! :-)

  • Now there's a thought - I haven't made jelly with fruit for years. I love orange jelly with the mandarin segments in fruit juice, making the jelly up with the juice plus the extra water needed to make up the volume.

  • My advice would be to try to train yourself to stick mostly to fruit saving chocolate/biscuits to a very rare occassion. Try Quark with a Cadbury highlight or options chocolate sachet mixed in with it or sugar free jellies are a good sweet fix

  • Excited by the choc/quark ideas. Was thinking quark might be good in cheesecake recipe I have :-)

  • I make sugar free jelly and add a few strawberries in whilst setting. I set them in individual portion amounts which equates to just 50cal. Then I add a tablespoon of low fat Greek yoghurt. Delicious and less than 100cal.

    Beware eating too much fruit. I did that to replace crisps and chocolate, only to be advised that fruit contains a lot of sugar too. Try to stick to a maximum of 3 portions a day.

    I've recently found that giving my body a 12 hr break from eating is helping me loose weight too. I used to be a terrible evening snacker! Now, I don't eat after 8pm and have breakfast around 8.30am.

    I signed up to NHS My Weight Matters for 12 weeks and have continued on my own since last year. I've lost 2.5stone since June. Slow but steady. I've got another 9lb to loose before I'd do a charity wing walk on June 18th.

    Good luck and remember to celebrate every victory and do small changes each week rather than a massive eating overhaul.

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