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Week 8

This week: weight change -0.5lb waist change -1" BP 141/90 1704 cal/day 119 min/day activity.

A disappointing week but quite disruptive. A 90 root canal treatment at the dental hospital seemed to take all my energy for a couple of days. Than on Saturday I spent 7 hours delivering 'Leave EU' leaflets. I could hardly walk at the end of it, where I live is quite hilly. But what a response, everyone I spoke to desperately wanted to leave the EU and get their country back. Then on Sunday I managed to fix the conservatory roof and went for a ride on one of my motorbikes. I suppose the good thing is that for the past 5 weeks my blood pressure has decreased, which is the main reason I'm doing this diet, after having to come off the drugs because of side-effects. I just on the edge of the Stage 1 hypertension limit. Only two weeks until my short story is published and then the week after is my nephew's wedding. So I'll need to get just that bit extra off before then to compensate.

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Well, walking all those hills must have helped you. It is good you are getting some exercise which will help with the weight loss and lower your blood pressure. Hopefully once life is a little less hectic, you can concentrate on your food control as well as increasing your exercise.

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your still moving into the right direction despite having an unsettled week, that's great.

Most importantly your blood pressure is going down, keep going 😊

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