The dangers of trying to get healthy!

Well yesterday morning I went to the health club for a swim, nothing dangerous in that. Well not if you CAN swim! After a respectable 30 lengths a stream of women started getting in the pool, it was like swimming in the channel with enough waves to wet the top of your head. Annoying but NOT dangerous! Then a lady pushing a trolley walked down the side of the pool and all became apparent, it was a aqua aerobics class. Well I pondered and rose to the challenge... Yes she said, of course you can join us. So after getting my foam dumbbells I followed her lead, it was quite difficult but I tried. Then came the rocking horse manoeuvre, hard to describe... you force the dumbbells under the water and use the buoyancy to lift your legs and rock back and forth - not easy. Anyway, here comes the dangerous bit... I lost my grip and the dumbbell shot out of the water just at the point I was rocking forward and smacked me square on the nose and bust it! Well the commotion that followed is not something I would want to repeat in a hurry but once the bleeding had stopped I had a good old laugh. Talk about an icebreaker! Anyway I left with the other ladies shouting see you next week Rudolph... charming!


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4 Replies

  • Oh my! You caused quite a stir!! You did well to swim AND do a fitness session 😊

  • First of all, well done.

    Secondly: oh my! What a story!!! :)

  • You have just made my day, I am sorry to say I was heading for the biscuit tin but stopped to read this and after a good laugh (sorry) I really don't need the biscuit.

    On the plus side well done and it sounds like you have made friends too 😁 x

  • Ha ha! I've nearly done this a couple of times... Good on you for joining in! It's good fun!

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