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Hello again a year later!

Hello, last year using the NHS 12 week diet plan I successfully lost 21 lbs/9.5 kgs to reach my 'ideal weight' of 9 stone 3 lbs/58.5 kgs, but alas I seem to have slowly put back on half of it these last 9 months! So I'm planning to use this plan again to lose weight as I think it's really brilliant, as is this community, but this time keep it off! I think maybe it would help if there was a post-weight loss diet/forum to help you maintain your ideal weight...Anyway just wanted to say hello and wish everyone luck!

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Hi Deb17totoGo,

Welcome back! Great that you have lost weight successfully with the NhS 12 week diet plan in the past - I've been here for over 3 years on the site, and I continue to use the principles of the NHS eating plan and have successfully maintained my weight in the healthy BMI for a significant period of time, nearly 1.5 years infact. There are several other people in that position who are actively 'maintaining' - and basically we all participate in the Monday group weigh-in sessions to give us the impetus to keep going. I am trying to get rid of my final half a stone, which is a struggle, but I'm keeping going.

Please do look at the posts in the Pinned Post section, especially the Welcome Newbie thread and the Challenges - as there is a lot more information there than there was a year ago, and also the Monday group weigh-in is worth a read - the latest session is going on now - see the Events section (right-hand-side of the homepage) - please do join us if you like the look of it and would like to participate.

Whatever you do, have a wonderful week and I'd like to wish you success with your weight loss journey.

Lowcal :-)

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