Hungry at bedtime - what can I have instead of cereal?

I often need to have a bowl of cereal at bed time in order to sleep. (So many times have laid awake trying to sleep - normal time 11pm or later, wondering why I can't drop off, nothing bothering me, then eventually after a couple of hrs realised i may be hungry, got up, had cereal and dropped off to sleep within half hour! - I'm sure its something to do with the carbohydrate).

So I now try to make sure I'm not hungry and have cereal before bed. However that's not good for a low carb diet. What can I have instead?


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27 Replies

  • Eat a 30g meal bar. They can hold a person overnight.

  • Thanks but what's a meal bar...?

  • A meal replacement type of food for bed time snacks.

  • I am exactly the same. This is driving me mad. I think the reason is that wer not eating enough during the day perhaps and that's y at night we go for cereal - quick and easy. Hopefully wel get some more replies as I don't think fruit would do the trick for me right now x

  • Good old cereal - just had 2x weetabix, waiting for it to 'work'!

    Yeah maybe ur not getting enough to eat during day, however my 1700-1800 calories should be plenty. Dinner was around 7pm (chicken in homemade tomato sauce with veggies & a bit of spelt pasta).

    (Did nibble a few marshmallows too!)

    Yeah fruit no good for me either, nor a milky drink, when hungry at bedtime.

  • How about trying 30g of pumpkin seeds, I like them best toasted, weigh them out into a small dish and eat slowly.

  • Ok that's worth a try. Thanks for the suggestion

  • 6 almonds and a glass of milk works too!

  • Worth a try but I suspect it may not be enough when stomach is rumbling away..

  • Not sure how low carb you are aiming for - I've reduced carbs but not as low as a strict low carb diet. I tend to have very low carb for either breakfast or lunch, but make sure I have a portion of carbs with my evening meal or an evening snack, or I wouldn't be able to sleep, juggling the carbs you do have around might help? Porridge has a lower GI than most other cereals. If youre doing a strict low carb diet this won't help though, you could try posting on the health unlocked LCHF forum to see if the experienced low carbers can give you any tips to get round this ☀️

  • Trying to reduce carbs, not strict diet. Thanks for the info & advice - very helpful. Will try the lchf forum.

  • This is one of the reasons I have an adequate carb diet; you need to be keto-adapted to get sufficient glucose from a very low-carb diet.

    However, you may also be experiencing a quick-fix. Weetabix are a high-glycaemic food that will spike your insulin levels, and although this may make you sleepy, isn't good for health.

  • Hi. Know your predicament. Why not try a bowl of yoghurt with fruit. It is nice on the stomach and filling as well. Or a glass of milk and a banana. If you can't take lactose, there are plenty of lactose free alternatives. Oatmeal milk. All of these are under 200 calories and therefore "allowed." I've found the yoghurt snack the best, though.

    Good luck

  • Thank you. Will try yoghurt

  • Sugar free jellies do the trick!

  • Yes I like those. Will try

  • Hows about some soup or some lean meat and pickle(gherkin) on crispbread?

  • Thank you. Will try the soup idea

  • I'm with Saltseakale on this one. Low fat dairy is often very filling. But what is wrong with having cereal? If you can fit it into your planned intake? Or how about a milky drink? Or go to bed a little earlier, and give yourself a bed time routine that doesn't include food. I always found a hot bath just before bed is very relaxing and go to sleep very fast afterwards.

  • I am trying to reduce carb intake, in order to lose a few stubborn pounds. Cereal at bedtime is a bit of a habit I've got into, so need to substitute for something non-carb now. Lots of ideas coming in which I will try as well as a milky drink.

  • I am all for mixing it up. I think it was Einstein who said stupid is repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome! So it will be really interesting to see how fast your carb change works. How about a bowl of veg soup? I often find that really filling too. Admittedly that is earlier in the day!

  • Veg soup is lovely esp carrot & coriander..

  • I agree, but not sure what would make a good bedtime soup!

  • Maybe it's because you have dinner quite late and your blood sugar levels are still a bit high?

    I don't frequently eat anything after dinner - was a hard habit to break, but after a couple of weeks it became routine. I do make sure I have a decent sized dinner though.

    If I eat anything sweet in the evening, it will keep me awake....

    Good luck!

  • I always used to eat a light 'supper' a bit of a treat for sticking to plan all day, but these days I trying to make effort not to eat after evening meal, surprisingly, it has soon become a habit 😊 and I actually sleep better - but that could be all the extra exercise !!! 😊

  • I've tried something like Horlics at bedtime before now. It's nice and warm, so soothing and relaxing. I also think that as you drink a hot drink a bit slower than eating, it does tend to satisfy me a bit more.

  • Thank you

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