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Hi all,

I've just decided it's time to join and lose weight. At around 20st i'm really struggling. My back and knees hurt all the time, can't sleep, I struggle to breathe when laying on my back which is really worrying me. to top it all off, my partner proposed last week and I do not want to walk down the isle looking like I do! I'm so unconfident and ashamed of myself right now. I want to feel good about myself.

I have the added issue of tearing 2 ligaments in my ankle a few months ago so i've just been off crutches and back to work in the last 4 weeks but it's still really painful. Walking is hard so going to the gym is a struggle. I have a swimming plan and can use the bike so I have joined the gym and will start this week.

I'm going to count calories using MyFitnessPal which I love but I just need some motivation!!

Help!! :(

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Congratulations on your proposal. What fantastic motivation to help you to be more healthy and lose weight. Sorry to hear you have a few injuries but hope you can enjoy going to the gym. This forum is great for support, motivation, tips for survival and advice. Maybe find a picture of a dress you would like to get married in and put it on the fridge? You should feel good about yourself as you are taking control and starting your journey to get healthier and fitter. Good luck.


Hi Rach Mcbach, what a great post, you have a great plan, good motivation, and fantastic incentive. Welcome to the forum ! I hope you find it is as helpful as I have.

Have a good week. Let us know how you get on.

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Good Luck!!!! You can do it! X

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I also suffer from bad ankles, injured both mine playing rugby. I used to tape them to do exercise until they got stronger again as it helped with the pain and prevented further injury. Maybe speak to a doctor or if you have a physio about it? I don't know if it would but it might help you as it did for me.

Good luck and I hope you have a great time at the gym this week ☺

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hello Rach

You can read my story in my introduction, but trust me, the benefits of losing weight and getting fit are well worth the trouble. you have nothing to feel ashamed about, it is just a number and does not define who you are as a person. You have a wonderful fiancé who loves you 😊😊❤️ What an incentive!!

Anyway, things I find helpful Are

- having enough to eat. Find a plan that suits you, including your favourite foods. MFP is good as it shows the nutritional values, use wholmeal where you can as it fills you up more as well as being healthier. Bump up those veggies! Check out the nhs12week plan, also the British Heart Foundation weight loss fact sheet.

- get moving. It doesn't need to be a two hour gym session, just 3x10 minutes a day will make a difference. My phone counts my steps (it has a motion sensor) and try to improve this weekly. If your knees are bad Google "chair based exercise" ( I can't do too much weight bearing exercise)

- I also really like my mini under-desk cycle, cost £20, really good for injured knees and ankles, but check with your GP/physio first if you have damage.

Very best of luck and many congratulations! ❤️


It was a knee injury because of overweight that got me going. And I am 5 stone lighter. So it can be done. Being overweight isn't a sin. You aren't a bad person. You have probably been looking after others and not had time to look after yourself. So now is the time to give yourself enough attention. Don't worry about the lack of fitness initially. Although exercise can speed up weight loss, and will certainly improve your fitness, you can lose weight just by managing your intake. I managed to get to my goal, while unable to move around much at all. So it is do-able. Your plan to swim and cycle sound brilliant. Why don't you google "NHS weight loss" for some advice and recipe suggestions?


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