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Orlistat first half stone in two weeks

For all those with big bones at 19 stone an 5,8 my bmi is 40.9 and in desperate need of a back operation.

But 40 is the cut off so at 40.9 The docs private and nhs refused on the grounds of my generous proportions ...either that or i have stunted growth an according to the chart i should be 7,3 . So depressed and desprate i got 83 tabs of orlistat under the pack name Allia cost 50 Quid ! But its worked so now back to the pre op, in your face stuck up skinny venomous bixxxxh ! The one that said you will have to go for a run,may be i will put a spring in my walking stick it wont be as good as the broom she flies around on but now i go back for an operation half a stone lighter a happy hackettsparks .

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Hi Hackettsparks,

I hope you get the date for your back operation soon, and it's great to hear you've lost half a stone.

Hope your operation goes well and that you recuperate well. I'd like to give you a link to our Welcome Newbie post, incase you would like to have a read through. There are some inspiring posts in there and it gives you a flavour of what is going on in the forum. I hope you have a great week ahead.


Lowcal :-)


Thanks for the feedback my reason for the post is just to let more people on the same merrygoround theres a way off ....you still have to watch what you eat an exersise where you can but its helped me . I will have a look at the other posts .regards

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