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First stone gone !

Well I've done the 1st .......... 1 of many ...... I'm now 16 - 7 1/4 .......... But boy am I grumpy today !! I was stupid stupid stupid last night, a whole bag of Jameson's chocolate toffees & a whole block of Ritter sports chocolate !!! For someone who has 'quit sugar ' it's laughable .... Why ? Mother Nature !!!!!! The annoying thing is I know at this time no amount of sugar in any form is satisfying ; it's like a giant hand reaching out from inside me sugar gathering to try and fill a 'need' , so 1 toffee or three bags of toffees is never enough ............ Answer ? Don't bloody buy it !!! It's been I the fridge for nearly 1 month, and I haven't touched it, or eaten anything sweet, Mother Nature pops along and all hell has broken lose ..... Sooooooo, lesson learnt.... I am still doing the 5:2 plan and doing surprisingly well, on the second day particularly I have lots of energy..... I've 'checked in ' with myself on my review diary, and have decided I need to widen my menus, be aware of becoming 'too focused' on the whole weight loss, healthier eating and lifestyle issues...... you really can find yourself slipping in to obsession, oh so slowly; that way leads to throwing the whole lot in the air and having a major relapse ....... I've written some buzz words to help me keep on the straight and narrow;




Question sustainability


Self sabotage

Life balance

Now I've just got to figure out how to form the above in to an abbreviated form !

Love to all of you struggling and those like Jester celebrating !

From an extremely bad tempered pre menstrual Trier xxxx😡

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Hi Trier, firstly - well done! You've also lost your first stone! WTG you! It's a blip eating the sweets and choc! You'll get past it! Mother nature can be a right so and so!

Start again tomorrow, have a rethink - plan your meals, try something new! This is what you said to me a couple of weeks ago!

I allow myself a treat at weekend's a bit of chocolate or a fruit scone, and I've found I'm not tempted the rest of the week! But I don't keep any in the house!!

I've decided this is for life and its not a diet! and I may not be losing as quickly as in the past but it IS coming off!

You'll get past this so don't stress! Chin up! We CAN do this 😘 x


Hi Trier,

Congratulations on losing 1 stone, that is really great! I know you're feeling frustrated that you over-ate some sugary things on the weekend, but please don't let it get you down too much. It's usually best to learn from what triggered it, and move on - hopefully armed with some plans to minimise a future re-occurrence. You've already started with your list of buzz words to help motivate you, and you've also already thought through some ways to tackle this, and I hope next week will be another really good week for you. Remember you've achieved the loss of your first stone - you did that! Well done!

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)

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Lowcal, you're so very nice, kind, and supportive 😘

I hope when you have 'off' days you receive what you give to us all on here.....

Big hug, Trier xxxxx

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Hi Trier,

I definitely do have lots of support from people on here, that support really helps me keep going - I've been trying to lose my last few pounds for well over a year, so without everyone's support I wouldn't probably keep going. So thank you!

Big hugs back at you.

Lowcal :-) xxx

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One slip won't ruin all your hard work so don't beat yourself up. We all have good days and bad days - its called life! I love your buzz words, although I think life balance could be nearer the top! Hope you feel more yourself tomorrow.


Hello there! Thank you my love.... I know what you're saying, I'm trying to think.......... If a much loved friend was in the same position and was feeling like me how would I try and put things in perspective and encourage them to see it for what it was, a blip. As always Dartmoor, it's all to do with the mind isn't it ........ Any suggestions for a catchy abbreviation of the buzz words are very welcome !😊

So long for now, Trier xxxxx


For you Trier:


e...eat sensibly

l....life balance




s...stay positive

p...plan ahead


c...consider alternatives

t...treat (in moderation)

Now revise the above and commit to memory! Then you will deserve an A*

Good luck with the studying!

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awwww you little sweetie !! thank you very much, that will be really helpful, my mantra !

how long did it take you to do ???


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