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how long does Xenical stay in your system

hi just wondered if anyone knows how long these tabs stay in your system and also is it true that they can also work on food that was eaten 48 hrs before you take one of these pills, was prescribed them years ago but stopped due to side affects but I need to do something about my weight , ps I only intend taking 1 tablet a day to start with

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Hi Catlover5,

I found a link where some people have asked questions about Xenical (Orlistat), and one response was that it doesn't stay in the system long after stopping it - the respondent suggested it would be out of the system in approx 24 hours. But I am only repeating what was suggested there, so maybe have a look at the link to see if it's helpful to you:


Lowcal :-)


HI there....I am taking them at moment they do work but have to be very carful what you eat I did loose 3 stone over 10 years ago but sadly put back on my own fault...

I have been takin these again for month now and lost 11lb so far ...If you have a lot of fat in you diet (i.e.) food it will basically go straight through your body which can be very unpleasant so best thing is keep it low fat ...and you should be fine ..


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