Week 4

Today I have completed my fourth week of my health eating plan! This is my first post as was unsure of what to write.

I have lost so far 8.3lbs and half an inch off my waist. So so happy about this as Iv tried many "diets" in the past and have lost weight far quicker but have felt terrible like I'd deprived myself of everything that I loved. So of course as soon as I started eating all the bad stuff again I just put all the weight on again.

I'm not calling this a diet, it is my long term healthy eating. I use the change4life app to plan and cook all my meals. I'm trying new things all the time, I eat a lot more fruit and veg than I ever did. Planning is the key, On Sunday's I sit down and plan every meal for the week. I leave Sunday blank if I wish to have a take away or go for a roast dinner with my parents. I don't want to restrict myself too much.

I used to binge eat a lot on my days off, I would eat anything and everything to the point of making myself feel sick but it still wasn't enough. So my hardest days are when I'm at home on my own. I'm still doing well though and I havnt had a binge day since I started. Again, it's all about planning, it helps my will power stay strong as I'm always in control.

The hardest thing im finding is trying to do more exercise. I am on my feet all day at work and average about 11000steps a day. By the time I've got home and cooked dinner it's time for bed already. I try and do a 45min exercise DVD on my days off but find I always have other things like house work etc to do or I just can't be bothered having been on my feet all week. Any thoughts on that would be great. I'm off out now for a walk with the other half as it's such a nice sunny day! I hope I havnt gone on too long, this is all new to me! Lol 😊


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12 Replies

  • Hi Bobscr,

    I love the positivity in your post, it is very inspiring. Congratulations on losing 8.3 pounds and to losing half an inch from your waist. It's great that you're enjoying your healthy eating plan, and that you have been using the Change4life app to help you plan your meals and snacks - great that you're trying new things and enjoying them too - I love trying out new recipes and foods. I recently tried pickled eggs for the first time, and found I really like them! Not to everyone's taste I know. :-)

    I agree with you that 'Planning is the key' as it really does help, and your routine of doing your planning on a Sunday for the entire week sounds really good.

    I know you've been in the forum for a few weeks now, but I wondered if you'd read the 'Welcome Newbie' post, which was put together by a lovely forum member called Moreless. Here's a link to it, incase you do want to have a read:


    It contains lots of things that other forum members have enjoyed about the forum, and it also has some recipe and snack ideas, which you might like to look at too.

    Did you know that we have a Monday group weigh-in? If you see the 'Events' section (right-hand-side of the homepage) you can see the latest link to that session, and the next weigh-in will be posted just before 6.30am tomorrow morning. You'd be very welcome to join us, if you want to. We're around all day and also in the evening for people to weigh-in at their convenience, so that it can fit in with people's working schedules etc. It's great fun and a well attended group.

    Also, I notice that you average about 11,000 steps per day - that is great exercise, really well done. FizzyLiz will be starting a new Challenge soon, as the last one (Around the World in 80 Days) is just about to finish - it was an incredible journey and motivated so many people to 'Kick the Kms' and do more exercise. A new Challenge will be starting soon, so do look out for that.

    Also, take a look in the Pinned Posts (again, right-hand-side of homepage) for the March Strength Challenge (by Ruth_Canal_Runner) or the Easter Bunny Challenge (by Sueper) or the 4th July Challenge (by MarmiteRehoming) - there are lots of things going on.

    Hope you'll have another great week ahead and enjoy the rest of Sunday.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Just had a pickled egg with pickled beetroot, yummy. Pickled my own in malt vinegar, even better not as pickled as the white ones :)

  • I'm so glad you told me that, I've been wondering how to pickle my own - do you literally just put the hard boiled eggs into malt vinegar in a jar, and how long to you usually wait till you eat yours?

  • I usually only leave them about 4 days in the fridge, the outside is nice and pickled and the inside is still more normal. I also pickle cauliflower, fresh onions cut up and tried beetroot but by golly I made a mess ;) The cauli you par boil and leave in white vinegar for as long as you can in the fridge, also done red cabbage. I just love veg so have it with everything. Don't forget a teeny bit of salt :)

  • Thanks TheHud, really appreciate those tips. I shall be pickling a few things, looking forward to it! :-)

  • My mum always pickled ginger root cut into thin slices and cucumber sliced. Never a fan of the ginger but have done it in the past to add to stir fries.

  • I absolutely love ginger, so I will definitely give your Mum's idea a go - it sounds really good! :-)

  • Found this Lowcal, old fashioned pickling :)


    I don't think the sugar is an absolute in the odd one, but I shall be doing a few of these :)

  • This is a great site, many thanks! :-)

  • I think you are doing very well without worrying about exercise, you get more than most and standing is exhausting all by itself let alone 11000 steps, respect :)

    Nice walks with time to see the beauty in things, now that is a different kind of exercise that works for the mind and body :)

  • I have a mini under-desk type cycle machine that I got after advice from my Physio following ankle surgery (weight bearing exercise is problematic) so I cycle away watching TV 😊 Only cost £20 and is very compact 😊

  • Well done on a very impressive month and thank you for sharing what's worked for you.  I'm going to check out the app.

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