Weekend at the fambo

Hey just checking in things are going well for weekend away! I've brought my own supplies home made granola, green tea - first week off milky tea!! I feel a bit bad around family saying no to extra temptations but also amazed that I have actually said no to pizza and creme eggs!!

Realised Easter is round the corner and I really want to hit my first goal!!

Wishing you all a brilliant weekend I'm off to head over heels for some extra exercise.. Do slides count as cardio?! 😄

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6 Replies

  • Ooh, slides are definitely cardio! Sounds fun! And you are definitely well motivated!

  • Hi Moti-vacation,

    Great to hear that things are going well for your weekend away. You've been very well organised to have those home-supplies - well done for saying no to those things you'd prefer not to have - that takes discipline.

    Hope you're enjoying your exercise, and I'm wondering what 'slides' are? Not sure what they count as, as I really don't know what they actually are. :-)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Lol slides as in children's play ground?! It totally counts I'm exhausted!!

  • Oh I see!!!! I was imagining some new class at the gym called 'Slides' - playground slides sound great too - like you said, you're exhausted, that definitely was a work-out! :-)

  • Aren't you one of life's brilliant planners? Well done.

  • 🙂 thanks!! I did it!! And back home safely having not ate any crisps despite them being offered countless times!! Eventually my niece said why don't you have 'your' crisps because I had 'my' dark chocolate.. Good idea! Luckily packed some nuts and coconut chips!

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