Saturday weigh in

Saturday weigh in

Hi everyone :-)

Things have not gone according to plan this week and I have gained 2 lb bringing me up to 11 st. Ummm what is going on here I ask myself. Well I have been working out everyday and increased my exercise this week and completed all of my strength training exercises with great enthusiasm. So what went wrong ? Food glorious food :-) I will have to make sure I take a look at the food choices I make and cut out the snacks ie crisps, crackers, cake & nuts maybe take a break from the bread ? well maybe not the bread :-) and I had a half bottle of wine on Wed and again on Thurs evening which led to eating more crisps afterwards. So on reflection I have been eating and drinking my exercise calories... oops.

What's done is done and I will have to work harder on the food side of things to get me back down into the 10's this coming week. I haven't lost my focus for the exercise as this is on point, but the extra's such as the carbs and wine have to be cut out if I want to reach my target of 10 st 7 lbs by 02/04/16. I am still confident that I will achieve this goal despite this set back :-) so please don't be sorry for me having gained weight this week, even I don't feel sorry for me. Although this is not an ideal result, it's a reality I have to deal with and a lesson I must learn from.

Despite the 2 lb gain I have still managed to lose a half inch from my waist and 1 1/2 inches off each leg from the thigh, calf and ankle so at least something has gone down even if the scale hasn't :-)

It's up to me now to put things right and to make a real difference this coming week :-)

This week I have done 375 squats, 100 pull down bar, 100 tricep curls, 100 bench presses, 40 kettle bell squats, 100 sit-ups and 10 leg curls in my strength training workouts which I am really please about. (excuse my spellings)

Have a great weekend everyone :-)

Trafford1 x

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  • Hi Trafford,

    Sorry about the gain but good that you can identify how it happened and I hope you enjoyed the little extras. Some weeks you have to have a treat but then get back on it again so I am sure you will be fine. With your dedication you know you can't fail :)

    It is interesting that you have lost some inches off your calf at this late stage - I have huge calf and worry they will never slim down, so it is great to hear this.

    Good luck for next week - I am sure those 2lbs will be gone before you know it :)

  • Thank you sueper :-) I did enjoy them and I will get back on it this week.

    Yes you can still lose inches off your calf even at this stage. With me most of the weight come off the top half and then eventually the bottom half started to go down and caught up. So I am a size 10 on top and a 12 on the bottom half. Your calf will go down sueper, but you may be like me and lose from the top and then the bottom bits will follow :-) Here's to losing those extra 2 lbs :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford,

    Most of my weight has come off the bottom. I was always hourglass shape but the last few stone gained made me poor pear shaped. I am pleased to say I am hourglass again (just a big one).

    I have lost about 6cm off each calf so far but they are still massive :(

    Fingers crossed that will change.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  • Hi Mrs T,

    Still great stats and a blip will not knock you off course !!

    I do think there is something in extra carbs and it's so easy to overdo them, but at the end of the day you have enjoyed the socialist and relaxing and why not !!πŸ˜ƒ

    As you know this journey is all about learning and for you are in the next phase, maintaining !! πŸ˜ƒ

    Enjoy your weekend and I know you will turn this around.


  • Thank you flossie :-)

    The extra carbs and wine didn't help this week, but I'm not worried. What I'm more worried about the filling that has just popped out (darn it!) it's a large one at that. Will have to go and visit the dentist hopefully on Monday now.

    This journey is all about learning and making a change for life and whilst we don't always have to stick to it religiously we must ensure we never lose sight of where we could end up if we don't keep an eye on things and that's why it's important to weigh in each week to help us stay on the right track :-)

    Thank you floss :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford i have no doubt whatsoever that you will put things right on the eating front but the filling you might want to fix before Monday- have you tried calling your local emergency dentist? - i've been on a sunday before- hope you get things sorted out : )

  • Thank you MR :-) must get this right this week and put all of those naughty but nice snacks/treats away :-) the tooth will keep till Monday as I can't suffer any pain due to the fact that I have had route canal treatment previously. The dentist on the other hand won't be best pleased as it's been 8 months since I last saw him and he told me not to leave it that long. Yikes :-/ He better sort me out!

    Left with a big gaping hole, but it's not visible to others so i'm okay on that front, thank goodness :-)

    Have a lovely weekend hun x

  • Hi Trafford1, bad....... news about the filling! I have a very pleasant relationship with my dentist! Haha he's seen me so much over the last year he's almost on my Christmas card list!!

    The tiny bit of weight you've gained you will lose very soon..... plus the inches lost prove your still well on track for April 2nd!

    I do love bread myself and initially I cut it out completely along with almost all carbs! But the last couple of weeks I've reintroduced wholemeal bread at lunchtime as I find if I have a sandwich I'm not hungry until my tea! I had some prosecco last night with my sister, raising a glass to my first stone loss! So today I'm going to be good! ;)

    Good luck with the 2lbs ( but I know you'll sort it! ) and good luck at the dentist's! :( also hope your mum's doing ok! :)

  • Thank you Jesterpuss :-) I am very pleased with the inches lost and I know this will have something to do with all the weight training I have done this week. I have stuck to it like glue and not swayed once with my exercise, but the extra's I have had have not done me any good at all. On the bright side I am not worried as since I began this journey I have never lacked motivation and always remain positive and this has always seen me through on my journey. I will set myself a challenge this week and that is to stay away from the carbs and wine :-) not the complex one's of course.

    It so wonderful to hear you have lost your first stone :-) :-) and that you got to raise a glass of prosecco and toast this loss with your sister :-) I'm so pleased for you. Well done ! It's such a fantastic achievement when you lose your first stone and gives you the drive to continue with confidence on your journey.

    Will get to the dentist start of next week and thank you for asking after my mum :-) she's doing much better and took herself off to Blackpool for a little break from it all. She's back now probably resting and I will visit her tomorrow. I have my wedding photo's back now and I know she can't wait to see them.

    Thank you for your support and lovely reply Jesterpuss and have a wonderful weekend and many congratulations again on your first stone gone :-)

    Trafford1 x

  • Thanks Trafford1, I am very motivated and reading about your successful weight loss along with others on the forum is great! I know I can do this and get to my ideal weight this time!

    I'm very impressed with your exercise regime! As I have trouble with an ankle I injured badly some years ago, I do struggle exercising - but I feel like I have more energy already and even one stone less on my poor ankle will help! And I am walking much more than I used to!

    I'm glad to hear your mum's ok! I hope she enjoyed Blackpool! I live about 20 miles from there! And we visit quite regularly, The shopping is quite good - just have to keep away from Harry Ramsdens!! (Famous fish and chip restaurant). I'm sure she can't wait to see your lovely Wedding photos!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‰

  • When I put my mind to something I really like to work at it to try and get the most out of the workout and to work on sculpting my shape. I plan to increase the strength training workouts this coming week by 30 - 50 % I will see what I feel comfortable with.

    Sorry to hear about your ankle, it makes certain exercises so much harder :-( It's great that you are walking more than you used to.

    I love your positive attitude "I know I can do this" and you certainly can. This forum is great, the support is great, helps keep us all motivated :-)

    I am 45 miles away from Blackpool and go regularly with my mum and we visit Weatherspoons and have a full English and I like the fish and chips in Cleavley's. Looking forward to my next visit :-)

    Have a lovely weekend Jesterpuss1 :-)

  • Hi Mrs T,

    I am impressed by your spread sheet with all your Strength Exercises detailed there - that is really great! Wow, you've done so many different strength exercises, I am not surprised you've gained some weight this week, it is probably down to all the exercise - often our muscles will produce some water weight gain around them as they try to repair themselves. I probably haven't used the right terminology regarding this, as I am a lay person trying to understand such things, but it really doesn't surprise me to hear you've gained after doing all those exercises. I know you had a few more munchies (i.e. crisps mainly) after the wine - but it's probably a combination of those factors that have resulted in your gain. It's only 2 pounds, and I feel sure you'll get those off again very soon. You've noticed inch reductions in your body measurements, which suggests you're getting some great toning results from your strength exercises. Well done you!

    I am sorry to hear your filling has dropped out, and I think the suggestion to see an emergency dentist is a really good idea - it can be horrible to feel a big gap all weekend, but it depends how you feel and what's available.

    I'm just about to go for a long walk, so I'll be kicking some kms now.

    I hope you have a great weekend Mrs T, and that you get that tooth sorted out.

    Glad you're feeling good, and not letting that 2 pound gain put you off.

    Have a great weekend and a lovely week ahead.

    Lowcal :-) xx

  • Hi Lowcal and thank you for your lovely reply to my post :-) I have done so much strength training this week and made sure I didn't let myself down in that area. Been up first thing, crack of dawn doing these and have made it part of my morning routine and I'm lovin it. I'm impressed when I add all the numbers up at just how much one workout everyday can amount to :-) This should definitely see me sculpt my way into shape in the near future :-)

    The tooth OMG the tooth. The gap is big but it's out of the way of others seeing it which I am more pleased about. Not sure if this is going to be another filling or a crown only time will tell. Will be calling the dentist first thing Monday. I just hope he can fit me in. Not suffering any pain as it has had route canal previously.

    I hope you are right re the water weight around the muscles that would be one reason for this gain as I haven't gone over my exercise calories, but I have eaten into them as well as having some wine which I did enjoy :-)

    All those squats, 375 of them must have paid off this week with regards to the inches lost on my legs and the 10 k bike ride. I am really pleased I managed to get the bike out of the shed this week as it has made all the difference.

    The weather has really perked up and this means I can go riding much more and start riding to my mum's again instead of taking the car :-)

    Again your words have filled me with encouragement and to be more optimistic about this small gain and I thank you for that :-) I hope you enjoyed your long walk today Lowcal and have a wonderful weekend.

    Mrs T x

  • I have not done remotely near your exercise but, although my weight has remained static for 2 days, I am pleased to say my body composite monitor says I have lost 2lb of fat and gained 2lb muscle. Sometimes its not just about the weight ;)

  • I agree with you TheHud. 2 lb of muscle is better than having 2 lb of fat any day. This is excellent news for you hun, well done :-)

  • Thanks :) I have loads of redundant muscle that I need to reactivate so to keep my pecker up i need to rely on my body composite. Hope its not getting too old to be accurate lol

  • Read this. I have a crossfitter friend and this is pretty much her. Except she is only 5' 1" tall and mega fit scary mary.

  • I love this article and thank you for sharing it TheHud I am even going to have a read of it again. It's such an inspiring story and well worth the read :-)

  • Really good article TheHud 😊 I have friends who weigh more than me but wear two dress sizes smaller, but they are fit and active and 'dense'!!! Lol 😊

    What I took from it was find a weight that works for you then concentrate on keeping fit and active 😊

    Thank you 😊

  • Hi T1 - I've found the same problem - a busy exercise week last week saw a gain on the scales and I knew my diet had contributed there. This week I've really cut down on alcohol. I've had the tiniest amount of cider probably totalling less than 1 pint over the whole week, and 1 tiny 187ml bottle of red wine yesterday which was delicious :) No alcohol tonight - catching up on college work with a coffee instead. I find that once I cut down the alcohol a lot of other things naturally slip away too. So maybe aim to watch just a few of your main trigger foods and hopefully the rest will follow.

    I'm amazed by the amount of strength you've done (and I think you spelled them all right!) - the gain in muscle will surely help to burn calories over the weeks ahead - and amazing to hear you've lost inches. Particularly impressed by the tricep curls - mine are still killing me - my shoulders just feel solid afterwards and that's only after doing 6! I'm going to save re-measuring until the end of Strength March. If I have lost inches but not lbs I will still feel I've had some success with it all. But wishing you the very best for reaching your 10st7 goal as I know that's really important to you :) RCR :)

  • Thank you for your reply RCR and for letting me know that this also happened to you last week. I will be cutting out alcohol in the week and go back to my herbal drinks which are much better for me :-)

    I have stuck to my strength training this week like glue. Every morning I wake up just thinking about it sometimes it can be 4 - 5 am and I'm up doing it. It's great that you have introduced this challenge for us and it's one I plan on sticking to. I have my routine down and some mornings I do find it difficult to get started as you feel it when you wake up, but once you get into it the goal is to finish then log everything and it makes me fell proud of myself. This week I plan on increasing them by 30 - 50 % and just see how I get on with that. I have done other exercises with the kettle bell but I don't know what they are called so didn't add them in.

    I will also save measuring now till the 2nd April and see where my measurements are at. This week I must ensure I drink plenty of water which I have slacked on. Only been having around 5 glasses a day and watch those carbs and cut out the wine.

    Thank you hun for all your support and have a great week :-)


  • Numbers on the scale definitely don't tell the full story T1, but knowing you, you'll ditch the wine, reduce the carbs, increase the exercise and lose those pounds :)

    I know how important it is for you to reach 10st 7lbs and I have no doubt that you'll get there.

    Keep up that positive attitude! :)

  • Thank you moreless :-) I have half a stone now to go and only 3 weeks to do this in so must give this my full attention and go for it. It's still possible for me to reach this goal so let the mission begin.

    Always positive :-) always motivated :-) by what I can do and thank you for your great tip on the stationary bike. I will be giving that a go this coming week. The weather is looking good so will be riding outside much more now on the trail and to my mum's. So here goes....

    Thank you for your support moreless and enjoy this beautiful Sunday :-)

    Trafford1 x

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