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Whole Fish

Shopping today we passed the reduced counter - picked up a bag containing 2 Sea Bass which I thought we could have for tea tonight - at half price, under £2 each. Great when you think what you might pay for Sea Bass in a restaurant!

Unfortunately, they were complete, fins, guts, everything.

I am gradually getting myself used to preparing food from scratch, including cleaning fish - and I promise, it gets easier each time you do it! So, having trimmed all fins, tails, head and removed innards, I washed and baked the two fish for 25 mins stuffed with lemon wedges and sprinkled with herbs.

Served them with puree'd celeriac (from lidl - one big one makes 4 portions) which looks like mashed potato but tastes a little of celery, I added yogurt and nutmeg before I pureed it in the blender (Peel and boil as you would potatoes first).

We had some green veg too and it was a lovely meal for around 370 calories. Well worth the effort.

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Hi D D,

Was just thinking of you, I've made the muffins not sure if they are ok. They are heavy and the middle is thick !! ( I did say I was no cook ). I've turned them upside down and put them back in the oven for another 15 mins🤔

They smell fab !!


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They do rather have the consistency of bread pudding, but I like that. That makes them very filling - and all that Allbran is very good for the system!

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Sounds yummy and you deserve it for having to prepare the fish. I don't think I could do that.


Sounds yummy!! I want to start eating fish and I think next week is the week... I have been vegetarian my whole life but had a phase of eating fish but always had to eat it with lots of chips!! Now I'm lchf too... So looking for recipes and yours sounds lovely 🙂


Hi DartmoorDumpling,

Your effort in preparing those Sea Bass has really paid off. Your meal sounds delicious, and what a bargain on the price. I like your idea of flavouring the celeriac with some yoghurt and nutmeg.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)


I've had to prepare fish in the same way - trout and mackerel. Not nice, but as you say, it was worth it.

I've never had celeriac mashed as a vegetable but it sounds really nice. Thanks for sharing the tip.


We too Bought a whole Salmon from Supermarket. The good news is that they will prepare it for you. So if your squeamish about gutting or preparing fresh fish you can still enjoy it along with the benefits of fish.

Best wishes


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