Sorry if this is the wrong place to post but is there a recipes section? Somewhere to find tips etc? I am a keen cook and I love my food, and especially enjoy taking recipes and "trimming" the calories without losing the nutritional values.

I am making a curry for friends tomorrow night, and without really thinking I am trimming calories, using much less oil, adding grated vegetables, replacing some of the meat with lentils, making a couple of vegetarian dishes etc.

So,is there a special place to read other posts on the subject?

Thank you!



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5 Replies

  • Hi Anna,

    Love the sound of your curries!

    There is a "recipes" link in the "Healthy Eating" Community.

    I also use the Nutracheck online app (you get the first week free and then subscribe) and that has a good calorie counted recipes link. Look forward to reading more of your suggestions!

  • Hi Anna,

    In our Pinned Posts, there is a great collection of recipe and snack ideas that Lucca10 started, and which is also linked within the Welcome Newbie thread, so it would be great if you ever wanted to use it as a resource and maybe add things you like personally to that thread. I was hoping that by pinning it, that it could grow and evolve.

    Here's a direct link to Lucca10's Recipe thread:

    Hope that's helpful.

    Also if you put 'recipes' in the 'Search Weight Loss NHS' window (top right-hand-side) then hopefully you'll find lot of past threads about recipes.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Anna,

    Sorry, I just deleted a thread, as I had put up the wrong one, here is a link to a great curry thread by ShellieL, which contains some absolutely great ideas:

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you 😊 Curries all made ready for flavours to improve for tomorrow night 😊


  • Thank you, will have a look, we don't eat much meat anyway so veggie isn't a problem 😊

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