Not sure how to write this!!

My NHS buddies.........

On a downer once more!!! Was doing fine with all the eating,exercising, and loving life......THEN πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜‘πŸ‘Ή the littl gremlins have taken over me once more and I can not stop shoving crap in my GOB!!!! Grrrrrrr πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚πŸ˜“

I feel so full,sick,& totally fed up once more.( same old story)

Considering coming of these HRT tablets as I'm sure they are not helping me with my weight gain.

ANY SOUND ADVICE ??? πŸ˜ƒ Desperate or what....


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  • hi June your having a bad time as well, its got to be march for all of us, they say that January is the worse month of the year, but its looking like march for most of us. take care its nice to hear from you, but sorry your having a rough time, wish there was something i could do to help sorry........Alan xx

  • Thanks bigalan...

  • hi June your most welcome, anytime i can help you know where i am take care my dear friend.........Alan xx

  • Sure the HRT won't help 😞 I am definitely finding weight loss harder post- menopausal 😞

    And everyone has bad days, you are not alone 😊 try to remember how you feel today and make a fresh start 😊 It doesn't have to be huge changes, just maybe no snacks tonight and ten minutes dancing round the house to your favourite music? Thinking of you 😊 Good luck!

  • Cheers Anna61

    Life can be shitty sometimes !!

  • June, it is bound to happen, happened to me on tuesday ending with a large portion of Treacle sponge pudding which I instantly regretted! With help from the brilliant people on here I got back on track the very next day, so stop shoving anything down your gob, get a big glass of water ohnand an early night, start afresh, you can do it ! :-)

  • K71

    In bed & fresh start tomorrow......thank you xx

  • I do that too sometimes. I have a big mug of fruit tea (to help the feeling of feeling sick/mega-full) and then go to bed and start afresh the next day. It happened, put it behind you and begin again.

  • G123,

    Praise to you xxx

  • It may /may not be anything to do with HRT but , forgive me for this, try not to look for something to blame . My guess is you have set yourself an unrealistic standard to aim for....not your actual weight target necessarily ( altho aren't you already a healthy BMI ?) but moreso the standard you have set yourself about 'good' foods and 'bad foods ' . Are you maybe trying to deny yourself too much? Denial may work for a few people but for most of us it doesn't. Be kinder to yourself.... allow yourself small amounts of all foods if you want them, they're not all that 'bad' and neither are you 😊😊 😊

  • elliebath

    To thine self be true πŸ‘

  • I don't know if this will help, but I have just watched a video by one of my favourite running gurus and he talks about emotional eating and why we do it.

    Let me know what you think if you watch it!

  • Wow!!!!

    Yes I was stressed today, & overwhelmed with a big work issue today and this week,

    How does one overcome such things ? Good article, thank you for sharing πŸ‘

  • I know, it really spoke to me as that is what happens to me too. I think he was saying that it is OK, it is not our fault, it is how we have survived through the millennia and it is our instinct to seek comfort when stressed. We are hard-wired to eat when stressed as our stressor would have probably been fear of hunger in our early existence on this planet.

    To overcome it, I think he more or less says that it is adding stress to be down on ourselves about comfort eating, so accept it and move on.

    I hope that helps, it made sense to me and I found comfort in his words.

  • Made total sense xxx and thanks for posting

  • Hi June

    the difference for me this time is sorting one thing at a time rather than all in one go.

    So will I have up alcohol I ate normally, then I gave up sugar and ate everything else. Now I am giving up the chips which is not so daunting as the other stuff is sorted.

    Pledge one thing, just one thing, that you will do differently just for one day. Then pledge the same thing the next. Once you have a few days under your belt you don't want to mess up the run!

    If you do mess up then it is just one day, get back in it tomorrow!

    Good luck.

  • asics

    Makes perfect sense xxx

    Thank you....πŸ‘

  • Hi June,

    Sorry to hear about your problems with eating. The way I manage this is to treat every day as a new day. Tomorrow is the first day for the rest of your life, treat every day as if it is your first day on diet. That way if you had a bad day, forget it and move on to a new day. This may be simplistic view but it works for me.

    Best wishes

  • Oldguy67

    Many thanks, I will adopt this attitude xxxx

  • I went on early HRT as well at the age of just 31due to Hysterectomy but came of the patches straight after 6 months as I wasn't getting much help with hot or cold flushes. However, I was gaining weight a lot quicker. What is helping me stay off junk is that every time I feel like having something to eat, I just come on here and either start writing a post or just look at other posts. This helps me get back on track of what I should be doing. You can give it a try and see if this works. :)

  • Sana786

    Fab reply & makes commen sense πŸ€”

    I will give it a go and I will be starting in May to reduce and stop my HRT,

    I was considering just stopping it all together? But I keep getting mixed replies & unsure what to do,

    I have put on 10lbs!!! And can not shift it........ Feeling pissed off really😑

  • I always understood June that HRT medication make you gain weight, so maybe check the content of what you eat, clear your house of all the naughty stuff and keep busy.

    I am sure it is hard where you guys are living because it is still winter, but don't despair, Spring is coming so set up a timetable to keep yourself busy, away from the kitchen and in the fresh air.

  • nhs2015

    Many thanks for the reply & yes I need to dig deeper β˜€οΈ

  • the gremlins seem to be out in force this month! or maybe its the easter bunnies trying to push us all off track

    im going to try and award the weight loss I have achieved so far since I seem to be trying to sabotage it lately, so going to buy new jeans (since they are not as forgiving as my other clothes)

    maybe just have a week or two off from the diet - a sort of trial run at maintaining, I think the guilt of being bad for a day it affect whole weeks and our outlooks especially when its such a long end goal

    much love and support - you can do it! x

  • πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  • HRT tablets didn't suit me either. I have patches now and I feel great on them so maybe speak to your GP who can suggest alternatives.

    Start again tomorrow, eat a proper breakfast and lunch and plan a delicious tea. No point worrying about the past, look ahead don't beat yourself up about it and get back in control x

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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