Daily intake :)

Hi everyone

Day 2:

So day 2 is now over and I continued my diet plan :))) so proud of myself!

For breakfast I had 3 weatabix, soya milk and an apple (385 cals). Then for dinner I had the same as yesterday so my lettuce,  egg salad cream and cheese sandwich with a celery stick (406 cals). Finally for tea I had 2 small apples, half a kiwi and some grapes (360 cals). Again I had 2 litres of water and a strawberry fruit tea :)

Feeling positive so hoping this will continue for the rest of the week :)


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8 Replies

  • Well done kat. I am on day 2 today. I think getting first week over and getting used to less food will help. Good luck.

  • Thank you :) I completely agree :) good luck to you too!

  • good luck Kat, I'm also on day number 2, although day number one wasn't so great here's hoping I can get day 2 .... stick with it

  • Thank you and yes I'm sure it will be, good luck to you too! :)

  • Well done! As each day passes you will become more confident 😊

  • Thank you! :)

  • I too am on Day 2 and feeling quite chuffed I have remained positive and almost enjoying the feeling of eating good food and avoiding my temptations. Good Luck to everyone else too :-)

  • Yes it does feel good when you feel full and know you're doing your body good by eating the right things

    Good luck with your weight loss :))

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