please except my apologies

hi all i've wipe out every conversation from my computer, so please except my apologies for this one major i'll use the word mass up for what i've done just to you the weight loss group know my steps for today was 3024 so not far of from half of what i did yesterday, please if you have posted me today and you didn't get a reply, then you can shoot me when you like. take care your daft friend Alan xx


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  • Oh Alan! What a silly billy you are! I wondered why you hadn't replied to me, but I wouldn't dream of shooting you! :)

    You've managed 2.27K's, which is great. Can you remember what you did on saturday and sunday? :)

  • hi there yes Saturday 5th i did 4718 steps, Sunday 6th i did 1499 steps, Monday 7th i did 6515 and Tuesday 8th i did 3024 steps hope this is ok bye for now Alan xx

  • That's more than OK Alan, thank you :)

  • Long tome no hear. Hope you are keeping okay. Sounds like you are making some progress? Take care.

  • hi Lesley wow it is a long time, from December up til end of February was very poorly and in hospital but on the up at the moment, take care nice to speak to you again your friend.......Alan xx =)

  • Hi Alan,

    I'm hopeless with technology, so know where you are coming from !! Don't think you'll be shot though πŸ€”!!!

    hope you have a better day today, it's pouring here so not the day for a long walk ( well not for me ! lol) but at circuit class later.


  • hi Flossie358 it was an off day, normally i'm ok but was very tired and just deleted everything that was on my computer, yes its raining here what a misery of a day take care speak to you soon Alan

  • Hi bigalan, it's sopmarfree again. You made me laugh with your post !! I'm glad I'm not the only daftie posting πŸ˜‚ I can't tell you how many times I've deleted instead of saved. Fabulous steps again! Speak soon.x

  • hi there Sopmarfree i've never been normal as a kid so at nearly 49 years old i'm stopping the same abnormal way of living. the more you get to know me the more dafter i get take care speak to you later........Alan xx

  • Hi Alan. Your post made me laugh 😊 I can't remember how many times I have deleted instead of saved on my computer/phone/tablet!! I'm glad I'm not the only daftie on the forum πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Speak soon x

  • Hi Alan I didn't get a reply either lol but im as daft I deleted all my contacts off my phone one night in my sleep and my card pin was among them and couldn't for the life of me remember it so had to get a new pin lol I uninstall things and allsorts so don't worry I have memory problems I don't know why I managed to get on this group I think I clicked it because I have weight problems of the other kind I can put it on and look anorexic I wish I could get my shape back I actually went down to size 6 and believe me I hate my body I've had complain and high fat foods but still it don't go on I'm sorry if you don't want to talk to me now but good luckxx

  • hi Janet i've done some daft things in my life but had the good sense to back all my file first, but just wiped out everybody on HU so it wasn't to bad. your on here because like the rest of us why be normal when we can be abnormal that's my way of thinking. why wouldn't i want to talk to you for, your my friend and true friends stick together though thick and thin. once you becaome my friend its for life not just for christmas has they say. take care my friend and WILL speak with you later your friend always..........Alan p.s why would you think i don't want to speak with you, has long as you want to speak and be friends with me, i'm very happy to continue..........Alan xxxx

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