Intrepid K kickers, we need your help in deciding the next challenge!

As you know this challenge comes to an end very soon and has been one helluva trip. We need another challenge that will continue to motivate us and , if possible, motivate us even more.

Moreless and I have a couple of ideas, but cannot make a decision on the best course of action. Please help us to decide...!

1st idea

- Sports Relief runs from friday 18th March - sunday 20th March. Moreless and I would pledge a number of K's and an amount of money to the cause. You could do the same if you wished, or choose another charity, or just pledge a number of K's.

- Then follow that, with a weekly challenge until the summertime (end of July) and if you wish, pledge some money or sponsorship to a charity of your choice. Moreless and I would do it for Barnardos.

2nd idea

- Take part in a weekly kicking the kms challenge. We were thinking of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. 20,000 leagues being 111,120K's!

Please let us know which one floats your boat or sinks your sub :)

Fizzyliz and Moreless


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62 Replies

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  • There is a challenge might also be worth a look.. My choice would be 2 otherwise :)

  • That looks great Kate and of course you, and anyone else who's interested, would be at liberty to make that choice :)

  • Sorry reread the post and realised you weren't looking for ideas :)

  • So will you and Ed be going for the 5 x 50? :)

  • I'm doing it anyway but actually thought it would work well alongside no 2.. I'll be doing whatever challenge everyone agrees on regardless :)

  • I am thinking of signing up to the 5x50 and in particular the 30mins activity a day.

    Would love to keep in touch on this if you are doing it too.

  • Is there a 30mins activity a day? Would love to sign up for that too πŸ˜„

  • Yes that's the one I am going to do. I signed up this morning. Join me!

  • Hi asics, I'm going to be a bit dumb now but which thread is it? I can't find it ??

  • Hi Adheela its a website in its own right google 5x50 2016 and something should pop up :)

  • Definitely :) I'm planning on doing the 30 minute challenge too - thinking of alternating days with runs and strength and tone - hopefully tighten up my tum.. :)

  • Finding 30 daily seems like a huge task for me at moment, am drowning in work.

    however I have succeeded in doing other things that were unthinkable at the start of year, so maybe I just need to think carefully about where I will fit it in. What time of day do you do yours? Thinking of doing mjne in morning before anything sabotages my day!!

  • I get my kms in for the challenge by doing a morning and evening dog walk, and use the trampette or exercise bike while waiting for the oven to ping etc on an evening. I'll probably do the 30 min runs in a morning as past experience tells me I struggle to run if I've done a long walk 1st.. Strength and tone will probably be on an evening - plucking up the courage to join the same gym as Ed so I can incorporate the machines.. Not brave enough at my weight to go on my own :/

    You sound really busy! Good luck and remember, you can always do 3x10 mins over the day depending what you decide to do..

    Kate x

  • Thanks Kate some great ideas, I hadn't thought of the 3x10. I am thinking at mo that I move my bedtime forward and get up 30mins early to fit it in first thing.

    I belong to a gym but only really for the pool for my daughter. Am useless at classes and am not keen on the actual gym bit. But am thinking I could start getting more swimming in myself.

    Am plotting and planning and will update you! 😊

  • The 2nd one for me, how about for a future challenge Munro bagging, we could aim to climb all 283 Munroe's

  • Lordy elacol, I can barely climb my doorstep! ;)

    I'd certainly be cheering you on, if you decided to go for it though :)

  • I've done 12 so far - only 271 left to go, lol!

  • Oh well done LtL! I haven't done any! :D

  • Think I have done 7 - started the challenge then my walking buddy moved to Kuwait!!

    Would love to be fit enough to do them again.

  • I would love to be fit enough to do some more too, something to aim for!

  • I've climbed 14. At this rate the plan is to leave the Inpinn until I'm in my 90s!

    Way to go you.

    I've climbed schiehallion 2xs - does that count as an extra?!

  • Schiehallion is worth multiple climbs!

  • Sorry 284

  • Doh, only 272 left to go!

  • LOL! :)

  • Evening to you Both, my choice is the 2nd one.

  • Thanks for your input Marianne :)

  • Don't really have any ideas, but I do like the sound of number 2! :)

  • Thanks Geza :)

  • I am in agreement with no.2 too!

  • Thanks LtL :)

  • I am on board with either...

  • Good for you Gonti :)

  • Hi FizzyLiz & Moreless,

    I prefer the 2nd idea. That one floats my boat!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal :)

  • No.2 for me πŸ‘

    This one will be such a hard act to follow. I've enjoyed every minute of it.xx

  • Thanks Bu-dog :)

  • Yep it's been a great journey! But of the two I'd choose no2 :)

  • Thanks Jesterpuss :)

  • number two sounds good to me πŸ πŸšπŸ™

  • Thanks Mrs Mix :)

  • I would be happy to do either.

    I am also thinking about the 5x50 and would love to hook up with anyone else thinking of doing this.

    Thanks for all your work on this challenge and for planning the next. X

  • I think Mr and Mrs Chubbymummy are already doing the 5 x 50 asics, so maybe you could join forces :)

    Thanks for your thanks and your input asics, we couldn't have done it without you :)

  • No 2 is favourite for me too. I might be able to join in if we are reporting once a week. Would it be OK if I can only get access to Internet once a fortnight?

    I know how much effort you put into planning and making these challenges happen, so it should also be about what is more manageable for you lovely people. πŸ˜€

  • Mimsta, we'd be happy if you could only log on once a month! We shall miss you, of course, but you're a highly valued member of the team and a little is definitely more preferable to none :)

    We're moving to weekly logging to simplify everything and allow time for everyday life, but people can still log on daily, if they wish and we would actively encourage interaction and support between travellers :)

  • Hi moreless thanks so much for your understanding. I will log in when I can and will keep a diary of distances covered so I can report them. Here's to the rest of this challenge. πŸ˜€

  • This challenge is definitely going out with a bang! :)

  • I wouldn't be able to join the sport relief challenge as I'm working long days on the Friday and Saturday and 8-4 on the Sunday, (the charity won't miss out as I always give a donation anyway!) but up for anything after that as long as small contributions still count! β˜€οΈ

  • Fran, all contributions help :) It's the spirit that matters most :)

  • 2nd challenge for me.

    Also might look into 30 mins of activity a day too. Is that on the 5x 50 challenge website?

  • I believe so Gill :)

  • Like both ideas,

    We could do sports relief weekend for those that want then start the other !! I'm happy to go with either or both love the motivation and the daily catch ups πŸ˜ƒ


  • That sounds like a great idea Flossie! :)

    After the Sport Relief weekend, FizzyLiz will post a weekly thread, but of course you'd be more than welcome to log on daily - I'm sure there would be someone around to chat to, if not me :)

  • Number 2, going downhill is always easier, in more ways than one! ;) I ordered a pedometer, arrives tomorrow :)

  • Thanks Hud. There'll be no stopping you now! :)

  • Number 2 sounds fun.

    Well done FizzyLiz and ML for all your hard work it has been a great trip, it made me get off my back side when I didn't want to at times not wanting to let the side down.

    Absolutely brilliant, I might mutiny yet and refuse to leave the steamer.

  • Thanks Grandad :)

  • Number 2 here too.

  • I am happy that you and moreless are going to continue with the challenges. It has been really good to log on each day and see what everyone has been up to - a real inspiration from our everyday heroes! As long as there is something to work towards i don't mind what we do but I have to say how impressed I have been by the thought and effort that has gone in to each and every day!

  • Thanks Saga, we aim to please :)

  • I have already signed up for the 5x50 challenge it will be my third year of doing it but either option will do me I've loved how 80 days has got me motivated.

  • Thanks kars. All the best with your 5 x 50 :)

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