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Hey everyone

I don't mind if no one replies because I'm going to start posting how each day has gone and what I've eaten to encourage me to keep losing weight :)

So on Sunday I decided to plan out my meals for this week with what food I've got in the house and as I'm at uni it means I've not got mum nagging me :p

For breakfast I decided to have banana pancakes made from 2 eggs and a banana (252 cals), which are very filling and tasty :) for dinner I had an egg and cheese Salad sandwich with lettuce (homemade) and a celery stick (406 cals) and as I got peckish later I had anothet celery stick (20-30 cals). Then at tea I had 2 quorn sausages with sweetcorn and onion gravy (450 cals). I also drank water throughout the day, making sure I had at least 2 litres and i had 2 fruit teas and a coffee.

My IBS was good yesterday, my stomach didn't bloat and I felt satisfied after every meal as too much food in one go often flares up my IBS and is very annoying.

I will try to stick to these size meals in future and see how I feel each time :)


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16 Replies

  • I'm a student and can admit that banana pancakes are awesome!

  • Good Luck with the diet and exercises ! Not a fan of eggs but love bananas so I usually have them on ryvita - the fruit and cinnamon ones ...

  • I don't eat eggs but there is a great recipe for banana pancakes using oats, milk (I use almond) and bananas, roughly equal amounts of each and then griddle them. They are delicious!

  • Sounds delicious !!! I grind oats to use instead of flour and make bread but never tried this recipe ...

    Will give this a go thanks !!

  • I have heard of people grinding oats for flour, I must try that.

    Here is the recipe written out properly for the 3 ingredient pancakes (scroll down a bit, past the chat). They are really delicious, I love them. One thing that surprised me was how much slower to cook they are than traditional pancakes.


  • Thank you LotToLose for the link to the banana oat pancake - just tried it - it's DELICIOUS and filling. And thank to to Kat96 for starting the thread! Highky recommended :-)

  • Thanks very much for this recipe and I will give this a go .... A lovely treat without worrying too much about loaded calories !!

  • Great news that you stuck to plan and felt better for it 😊

  • Well done, if you lose weight and feel healthy all is good. I am not eating simple carbs and my IBS is all settled for the first time in years.

  • Hi Kat96,

    Glad you've had a good day. What flavour fruit teas did you have? I have recently been having lemon and ginger flavour, which I've enjoyed.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I like the sound of the lemon and ginger tea ... What make do you buy Lowcal ?

  • Hi MagsC,

    I got the Twinings ones, and I have also tried one by them called 'Settling Ginger' - so you can see that 'ginger' is a bit of a theme. I like both flavours, i.e. with and without lemon. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi

    I have lemongrass and ginger one and a strawberry flavoured one :)

    They're so nice

  • Hi Kat,

    They sound delicious - I've not tried the strawberry one, might try it out.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi lowcal

    Yeah I'd definitely recommend it, they're so good and refreshing :)

  • Cool thanks Lowcal !! Will lookout for them I am a big fan of ginger and lemon goes great with it !

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