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Feeling err

October 25th 15 weighted 10st 3lb bmi 27.1, last week 9st 5lb bmi 24.8. That good. Bad getting frustrated with gym programme personal trainer gave me, adult children both struggling so having to help finacially which means I can't afford the trainer, more frustration at the gym which knowing me will end up packing it in. Hidden all my chocs and biscuits head in place where I would binge.

See what tomorrow brings.

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They have lots of exercise programs on YouTube.

I use the Leslie Sanson walking ones which also contain strength exercises along with the walking.

I am sure you will find something that suits you and they are free

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You don't stop being a mum when your children stop being children!!! Lol 😊

You have done so well, it would be such a shame to have to give up your gym membership 😕 hope you find a solution 😊 Good luck

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Hi Gottodothis,

Wow, you've really done well - Congratulations on your progress and to achieving a healthy BMI.

Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit 'errr' and really hope that tomorrow brings you some positive things, but maybe you'll feel a bit better as the day progresses today as well.

MagsC has made some excellent suggestions regarding finding resources online and via u-tube, as there are some great exercise programmes available for free. But hope you are able to keep going at your gym also, because as Anna suggests, gym memberships can be really good and enable you to do lots of things - but they do cost money. Maybe there are some shorter term deals available?

Hope you are feeling a bit better as the day goes on.

Lowcal :-)


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