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Settling in to the journey

Hi there,

I returned from a months travelling in India last week to discover I had lost 3.4kgs during the month. I was chuffed as I had lost 4kgs during January and would have been happy if I hadn't regained it all so afurther loss was a nice surprise. I had been looking forward to getting back to my routine that seems to be effective just now, which is weigh myself every day, do 2 days per week fasting and count the calories on the remaining 5days to stay around 1700. This has felt manageable since I started and I feel I am settling into it - I know I need to be in for the long haul. This is amazing for me as there have been so many years of learning to bring me to this point. Unfortunately just now I have a disc injury in my back which is affecting my activity levels but saw the chiropractor yesterday which is a good step towards managing it. I don't post very often but get so much encouragement and support from this forum and reading others' posts. I also get support from my mum and sister, my mum is nearly 79, has lost a couple of stones and kept it off for over 2yrs using the same approach that I am. Sister also doing spectacularly well so we encourage each other. Basically just learning to eat less. Boy it's hard sometimes. India was amazing fab and fantastic by the way!!

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Wow! That's great! It proves you have learnt how to manage your weight loss long term for permanent change 😊


Thanks Anna61 I suppose one thing I have taken on board is never to give up and to see my failures and setbacks as learnings. I know that I may well not feel so positive tomorrow so am enjoying the feeling now!


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