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3rd week- write off and review

Hi All,

So unfortunately for the first time in 2 years I had to call in sick last week, which meant I was bed-locked for 3 days. Luckily I did not gain weight during this time, but I am just going to do the whole 3rd week again as I did not even have the strength to read the manual properly. Oh well.

But hey, do not cry for me UK!

I was just reminded on my way to work yesterday, that it is my 3rd month now without a cigarette. (I know this is not a stop smoking forum, so forgive me for bringing this up here. )However, this is such a huge achievement for me, not only for the obvious health reasons, but because the decision to stop smoking was a major first step in my whole, healthier life for good pattern. And let me tell you something: I do not miss cigarette at all! I completely 100% forgot about it. I can also tell you why: because the whole 'addiction' was a mental reaction to a very poisonous flatmate/friend relationship and a bad job in my life. I moved out, and moved in with the person who REALLY loves me, and cares for me, and energizes me, and I changed jobs and here I am, typing happily away smoke free and with a better diet, better sex life, better friendships and better daily life. So if you think you are 'addicted to chocolate' or else, think again, and figure out what really makes you sabotage your health and diet. (Not that I am against chocolate. Oh no... but it is a dessert, not a separate food group any more!)

So here is my weekly update for you lovely comrades in weight loss: I changed one thing in my life, and everything started to fall into place!

Good luck for your next week!

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Well done you going 3 month with no cigarettes, I am on day 2 of healthy eating and no smoking and finding it fine so far, we all have to just keep at it, illness and other things can throw a spanner in the works but it is how we handle it afterwards that really counts

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Lovely positive post 😊 They do say if you're looking for someone to change your life look in the mirror. You have proved this 😊😊😊

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Thank you!


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