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Back on Weight Watchers Pro Points

Having dabbled with W loss plans over the last year or so, I have decided to go back to the Pro Points plan. The plans with free foods are just not strict enough for me and the new Smart Points Plan is way too strict and so I am back to weighing and measuring.

Completed day 1 yesterday, perfectly, just need to keep my foods varied to keep me interested.

Would like to lose between 7 - 14 lbs by mid April. Anyone else using this plan?

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well done on sticking to the plan, hope today is going as well. i did the core plan a long time ago and it worked, then pro points, fell of the wagon 2 yrs ago(ill) not been able to get back into it so I'm dabbling with pro points again as i have loads of recipe books and ww counter too. will be interested how you go. know it works as a healthy life style i just need to apply it. good luck

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Hi Today has gone well too (so far). I must try to vary my meals though as yesterday and today I had an open sandwich and salad for my lunch and although I enjoyed it, I am thinking I wouldn't want it every day. So tomorrow I think I will have tomatoes and egg on toast.

I too have the books and have just ordered the scales which point food for you according to weight, so I hope that will help. i really am trying to make it easy for myself.

I had an un-diagnosed hip problem for 4 years (it was thought it was my back) and so have not been able to exercise or even walk a distance. That it much better now and so I feel I can make an impact on weight loss.

If you are on Facebook, there are a few propoint pages on there. The support is good and there is always a new idea popping up daily...perhaps you could have a look and maybe get some inspiration. We all need it from time to time. I post on there as Jan Matthews.

I wish you well with your journey, you are not alone in this, I haven't met anyone yet who has said that losing weight is simple (unless they have had a limb amputated LOL!)



I have successfully lost weight (and kept it off for many months) with the old WW programme, I currently follow a very similar system where you count portions rather than individual calories and it suits me, 😊 That is a massive help, finding the right eating plan 😊

Good luck


HI Anna

Sounds great, could you tell us more about your plan, THB I hate counting points and anything similar that works, I would consider.


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