Losing very slowly

I started my journey last september wanting to lose 2 stone. I started out at 11 stone 13. I am now down to 11 stone 2. Very slow, but i suppose progress is being made. I try to count everything i eat, although sometimes difficult. I excersize as often as i can, mostly walking and British heart foundation cardio dvd following a heart attack. My biggest problem is my husband! ! If only i didnt have to cook for him! my meals would be a lot simpler. He says i dont eat enough to keep a fly alive - 1250 calories a day - not helpful. I'll keep reading everyones posts to stay motivated. Keep them coming they are great, everyone has achieved so much. Congrats to you all.

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  • Hi v29let-1 : go you! 👯👯

    it is so tough to keep making healthy choices when the scales don't tell you how great you're doing and your family isn't on board. You are doing amazingly well and I suggest you send hubby to cooking classes.

    If you are recovering from your heart attack then you know the health gains go way beyond the weight loss.

    I lose weight really slowly as well -luckily the health benefits are transforming my life in other ways. You can't quite predict where the process will take you. I hope you know how well you'redoing!,

  • Thanks Gonti. It is nice to know i'm not the only one to lose weight slowly. Yes, the health benefits are great. I feel quite fit and cardio rehab said i am doing well for my age. At least what weight comes off will stay off. Just need to handle stress a little better. Hope to cut down to part time work later this year which will give me more 'me' time. In the meantime will keep going

  • Well done you, losing the weight slowly is the best way 😊 I really like the BHF website, and their exercise videos 😊

    Stick with it, you will get there, spring is on its way, I always think it's easier with better weather ❤️

  • Thanks Anna61, i too am looking forward to the better weather and i will stick with it. Thank you for your support.

  • Well done. It is really hard to lose weight if you live with someone who is a 'feeder'. You're doing great.

  • Thank you. I will keep going. I don't give up easily

  • Slow and steady is fine. Dont worry , as long as it is a downward trend, that is great!

    I started out in April 2014 at 168 lbs (11st 12 ). It took me a whole six months to lose 20 lbs and a further six months to lose the final 10 lbs. Last April I reached my BMI target of 23.5 and 9st 11 and have maintained within 0-4 pounds ever since, even on holidays /xmas

    In my view, the slower the loss the easier it is to keep it off. But don't undereat , keep checking your new Bmr regularly and adjust your calories. I used myfitnesspal to calculate and record.

    Also do be realistic about your target . In my case at 63, a mid point Bmi of 23-25 is recommended healthwise, no thinner.

  • Very encouraged thank you. At 62 i dont want a bmi too low. Would just like to get under 10 stone and stay there. That would definately be a goo weight for me. Just hope it doesn't take another 6 months. Extra effort required i think :)

  • Thank you koreanfitneß21. I certainly will look at it. Amazing weight loss :) worth a

    trying to lose weight a bit quicker. Combined with more excersise it's sure to work. Will post reults as soon as they start happening

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