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Week 9

Ok so week 9 felt pretty rubbish (poorly kids, crazy work hours, deadlines) but I decided to post about it and everyone was so positive and helpful it really turned my week around! I am so thankful to everyone who took time to reply as it really helped to put my feelings into perspective and made me carry on.

This morning an unexpected 0.5kg loss made me really happy and I have just pledged to go back to the NHS strength and flex podcasts (I am on week 3 but should have been further along as I let it slide) . I will use the weights I bought at the weekend (1kg) and will do all the exercises I can using them.

Week 10 here we go! Oh and this maybe the week I complete C25K :0

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We've all had rubbish weeks, and it takes a bit more to push through, 0.5 kg is still something to be pleased with😃

We can all wish for more but the reality is life gets in the way of exercise and healthy eating 😕

Week 10 bring it on !!!


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Yes, absolutely!

Started with 45 mins of NHS strength and flex as I went for a run yesterday. Will do 45 mins of Zumba tomorrow :)

Determined to have a good week!

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